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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maple Group and Bev Oda: corruption, corruption, corruption!

I had cancelled my DRIP and in result, I had calculated the value of my dividend portfolio. With what I currently hold, my annual dividend income is of $7 057.20. Quite an interesting amount of money and I need the money. My non-registered portfolio is at $123 360. I am closely monitoring the stock market these days. The Greece people haven’t understood yet that they will have to go under austerity for the rest of their live. Once they will understand, the situation will be more stable... But I doubt about Greece stability unless a major plan is being defined. But we have lost our hope. François Holland had been elected because Sarzo had pushed the retirement age at 67. It was one of the factors. Europeans are very selfish people. They want everything for them and their economy, even during good time, is extremely poor. Europeans will have to understand their mediocrity and leave the super industrialize countries emerged and moved forward. France itself is a big problem is the Euro zone, but they are being seen as a good economic country, when they shouldn’t.

The TMX Group (X) stock has closed yesterday session at a very good $47. I had been holding X for several months now. Since the acquisition history began, first with the London Stock Exchange and after with the Maple Group, I had been on my way to make a few hundred bucks out of a deal that will destroy the Canadian economy and its entire credibility. No matter what, I decided to digg in and yeah, like the m*rons group of bankers of the infamous Maple Group, I decided to make money out of the money.

When the TMX Group Inc. (X) acquisition drama began, I jumped in blindly without the heck of a hesitation, but I was far from expecting such a long delay before any deal get finalized. It’s been a couple of months of holding and while waiting I had benefited from the TMX Group Inc. (X) dividend. I am hoping to cash in $50 per TMX Group stock that I hold. That being for me and the TMX. The only reason why this stupid acquisition is going to work out it’s in reason of our incompetent Tories government. Stephen Harper covers the back of all groups of id*ots Ministers. Bev Oda being the latest id*ot Tories proof.

It’s normal for Bev Oda to life a rich life on our tax money. It’s normal for Bev Oda to rent hotel rooms reserved for the millionaire of this word. Bev Oda is a PIG and doesn’t deserve to be part of the Canadian government. If only Jack Layton would be still alive, he would had kick Bev Oda out of there and we’ll never heard of her ever again. She’s irresponsible and she’s a shame. Thousands of Canadians are losing their job because of government cutting here and there, but Bev Oda with her piggy face is just there to live like a Queen on our tax money. That has to stop. How come Bev Oda is still the Minister for International Cooperation? She doesn’t deserve such distinction. If she wouldn’t have been catch on her expenses, we wouldn’t have heard anything about it. What’s the relation between the TMX Group Inc. (X), the Maple Group, Bev Oda and Stephen Harper? Well, it’s all part of the stupidity of our system.

Bankers are already corrupted enough. Recently, my RBC credit line interest rate had been increased of 3% without any reason. I never miss a payment and overall, my credit history is very good. I have a net value of more than 80k and on top of that, the prime rate hasn’t change. Basically, what happen is that RBC Royal Bank had increased my interest rate just to make more money on my back. I am victim of a conspiracy between the banks and Stephen Harper. Also, the government of Stephen Harper has made pressure on banks for them to increase the interest rate on their banking products such as credit line. This had been made to put pressure on retail investors like myself so we will pay our debt. The conspiracy is really there. It’s happening right now. Canada is slowly changing into a communist country, where citizens have no right to do what they want with their money.

Fact is, Stephen Harper will do everything he wants to achieve his goals. Stephen Harper wants Canadians to hold less debt and putting higher the interest rates is just the beginning. Stephen Harper wants the TMX to be run exclusively by Canadians and fact that the banks and pension funds are going to manage our Canadian stock market makes Stephen Harper happy because in case you didn’t know yet, the government manipulate banks. We have an example with the increase of the interest rate I had been target, but I am not alone. If the Maple Group becomes owner of the TMX Group Inc. (X), Canada will soon be transform into a land of massive corruption, more than it is already, thanks to Stephen Harper. Fact is, generally speaking, Canadians are really weak and not very strong. No one really care about Bev Oda case. It’s been declared, but no one is taking real action to say: THIS IS VERY TERRIBLE.

Canadians are so dumb and stupid that they have elected Stephen Harper with a MAJORITY. What a bunch of complete morons! And now, Canadians are paying the price of their stupidity. You like Stephen Harper? PREPARE YOURSELF TO SUFFER. IT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING OF THE END. I work very hard every day trying to develop multiple income streams for myself. Fact that there are thousands of people losing their government job and it’s a good thing. You wanted the Tories in, you got what you deserved. Prepared to suffer.


Sean said...

Looks like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed again today. Another useless/stupid post.

Anonymous said...

I guess Stephen Harper is targeting your portfolio. He is watching your portfolio very closely. Watch out DV.

Anonymous said...

You are a train wreck waiting to happen

pattirose said...

JFT closed today, did you get your shares?

Sunny said...

JFT status under my list of expression is SENT :)

I should received my parts on May 18. JFT is not currently from my portfolio and money haven't been withdraw yet.

I am curious to see if TD will give JFT any loan value (for my margin).


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