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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just like if we were in 2008 again

At $122 837.69, I guess my non-registered portfolio is doing well, knowing the stock market conditions we are in. From what I read, the Maple Group could acquire the TMX Group (X). Of course, no news of the when yet, but I am hoping for the end of the summer... I may get my $50 per share after all! Right now, the stock market is down. If the deal can be finalize anytime soon, it will be the perfect timing to buy some blue chips.

I am moving on June 1th in my old apartment. I am going to keep it all summer long. If it happens I stay in Montreal following my contract, I may try to find something cheaper. My rent is not exactly cheap. All included, but no Internet or either phone. I am close to everything, even work, and I don’t need a metro pass. A metro pass is something like $75 per month. My deal is not so bad after all because I don’t need, at least for the next couple months, to cover for transportation cost. 

I was surprised to find out, but my moving expensive, including my temporary stay in X residence in X street of Montreal, are all being covered my by self-employed work. Now, I just need to get paid. I had done pretty well on HubPages lately. I had received something like a $54 for last month result. If I can stop feeling tired, I will be on my way to write more article on HubPages and rank it up to the why not $100 per month if not more. But even there, it required writing hundred of articles... CRAZY.

The last 2 weeks had been so rough, moving from my X quiet city in New Brunswick to move in Montreal, getting that temporary X job... But at a point, I need to move forward right and stop feeling tired as I do now. Maybe I should just stop drinking after work...... I cannot cook here so I went for supper and got a beer with my meal and it basically finished me up. Just 2 days left before the week is finally over. I cannot wait. I am going to activate my cell this Friday and it will be it.

And guess what....... I have like a $500 I can invest right now. I am very tempted to add more of CNR stocks in my now famous portfolio. Right now is the perfect time to invest. It’s always very difficult to invest when the market is down, but it’s a big must. Focusing on blue chips that you can get at a bargain price should be among your top priority. I am willing to stop drinking lol and search for a part-time job to be able to invest just like in 2008. I am willing to do it all.

I know I talked about getting in some KEG.UN stocks in, but I am much more concern about my margin value. CNR has like a 70% in margin loan value. As for KEG.UN, I don’t know how much it is, but it’s certainly not 70%. But you know that I know, when it come to margin, the only 100% value is cash. Do I have money to pay down my margin? Nope. So it pretty much look like we are going to just keep feeding that baby of portfolio of mine. That’s kind of super hot cool.
I love cash, I need money.


Anonymous said...

Wrong calculation: CNR yield is around 2% and margin rate is 4.25%, so basically you are going to pay 2.25% interest rate for that 70% of the CNR margin if you are going to hold it for long term. Quick buy & Sell is resonable. Also, we all we requested you to sell the DNI when it reached $0.70, what happened now? No profit, no dividend... ect.

Ruth said...

Hi Sunny,,,,good stuff to write on Hub pages and get paid for for one beer..that is not a problem...your just tired and i bought Pembina today , good deal , it is so hard buying when things are down but i know it is when u get the always learning. i think CNR is great but so damn expensive, what is the dividend? ps..have 700 Pembina now.

Crystal said...

Hi Sunny,

I hope you saw the interview with JFT on bnn yesterday.

I bought more Pembina yesterday as well. I agree it's difficult to time my buys. When I want something, I get impatient waiting. I will also buy ENB, eve if someone at TD advised me to sell it.

Ruth said...

thinking here that it is no longer a buy and hold market. i notice as soon as a stock is up one day , it is surely sold the next day , maybe the heavy ones hold a better dividend do not vary so largely. watched a Benj Gallagher on BNN yesterday and he said to watch a stock for 6 months to see how it reacts...CNR has quite a low dividend for the price of the stock...not interested and it to is up and down and do they ship coal mainly??

Anonymous said...

RSI closed at 5.97. Its going to hit 6 bucks soon. I have 1700 at 5.14

Ruth ,
you have 700 PPL? I have 500 shares. I bought in when it was a income trust at 14.40

I got 200 KEG.UN at 9.56. All shareholders received a 20 dollar gift card.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny, today is a rainy day in Toronto and it's an excellent day to buy blue chip, I got 125 ENB

Anonymous said...

greedy greedy that's all i have to say. should have could have sold at 0.70, but i bet she was hoping for more, now dni is in the 30 cents...

Anonymous said...

Hi sunny,

here's a good dividend paying stock for you to add to your tsfa: tlk. It's a telecommunications company in indonesia. It pays a great dividend @ 1.35/share which yields 4.1%.


Sunny said...

Who said I was going to invest using margin cash? Nana. It will be fresh new cash, no cash coming from my margin. CNR is a good bet, because of its value. Do not only focus on dividend. The dividend yield AND the stock value need to be taking into consideration. You can no longer only go with the dividend yield. Enlarge your focus.

Hi Ruth,

Congrad on your investment with Pempina, great value. I had been holding PPL for a while now and its one of the best deal ever. As for CNR, yes, it is expensive, but CNR has the potential to hit the $90 per stock very easily. The dividend yield is just like 2%, but the stock value itself is immensely great.

Hi Crystal,

I haven't have that chance unfortunately. So the gorgeous was on TV? hummmmmm INTERESTING.

Just like PPL, ENB is a Derek Foster stock. You should hold to it, just like I do.


RSI at $5.97? Its about time that this stock gain in value for once! I must admit, I had been somewhat disconnected. I just recently moved to Montreal and got a temp job. And I just move to my old apartment. I have a lot of stock catching up to do!

You were lucky to get your hands on some KEG.UN at less than $10! Great move. Since Tuesday, I am now a shareholder of KEG.UN too :)

I don't regret holding DNI. My hold is strategic, it will grow and I want to keep this one in my portfolio. Even at its current value, I am still making $$$ on DNI. I don't expect to sell it anytime soon. I want to hold it until it value grow more.

ENB is a great stock. Congrad :)

Thanks Mark for the stock idea!

Anonymous said...

How is your lawsuit against your former employer going?

Sunny said...

I won't write more than what I had wrote about that topic, but thank you for asking. Do you have any other questions? ;)

Ruth said...

i too am interested in that about some info sunny..i think now that i have been in the market for a short few years that the one fellow on bnn said it all...sell in may and go away..u would be up on all stocks if this advice was followed , then he says buy in winter when snow flies.

Anonymous said...

Bragging about a lawsuit that u would never will! I said u would lose, and looks like u did, big time! I was right again. U have much to learn from your arrogance.

Your foolish arrogance had u looking to make fast money of Facebook too. We all see where that stupid mistake would have taken u. Be glad u failed at getting placed. U would now be 30% underwater on that stock too. Bad stock picking Sunny. U suck at it!

Sunny said...

Its still under process. You barely know what it is about - so wash your dirty mouth. I never said that I am a good stock picker. I am adventurous stock picker. That's completely different. My portfolio turn well. I wasn't able to buy Facebook shares when wanted. Its not exactly all about money. I would have like to buy some Facebook at its IPO day and said to my great great children - grandma did it in the days.. purchased Facebook on its IPO day :)

I was planning a $500 investment, I wouldn't mind going down 30%, I could have handle it. Anyway, this was emotional. I am not a rational stock investor most of the time. I invest in what I want.

Seem like you never get that either right?

Instead of Facebook, I recently invested in KEG.UN.

Facebook could turn in a positive ride, don't forget who is the CEO. It could surprised it all. And when it happen, you'll regret the shit you said about Facebook. Be open to the possibility at least.

Anonymous said...

i don't mind to be DOWN 30%, why don't you give 30% of your assets to charity then? this is nonsense speak...

Anonymous said...

it's like saying i like to invest to lose 30% all the time and I don't mind it... this is bs talk

Sunny said...

I don't mind being down 30% because it will eventually go up again. Grow up and go read back the posts of the year 2008. My portfolio decrease of 30% in 2008, but it later on rebound. If losing 30% of your portfolio value scare you or if you feel its a dumb thing to accept a 30% loss well, simply don't invest in stocks.

Following a couple years of stock investing, what I learned can resume in this: when it goes up it goes up and when it goes down it goes down...

TSX could open on the down side this morning. Be ready for everything. Even a 30% loss.

Amanda (Niagara Falls) said...

"TSX could open on the down side this morning. Be ready for everything. Even a 30% loss."

I HOPE SO Sunny lol it would make for some cheap prices to buy up some stocks.

As always, best of luck in growing your portfolio and enjoy doing it :)


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