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Friday, May 18, 2012

You want to purchase some Facebook (FB) stocks this morning? You can, but don't place an order now before the opening

This is what TD Waterhouse has to say about Facebook birth delivery lol:

Facebook Inc. (FB) expected to begin trading Friday May 18, 2012
We anticipate that Facebook Inc. (Symbol: FB) will commence trading on the NASDAQ stock market starting Friday May 18, 2012. Please note the following:
  • Due to a U.S. regulatory rule, market orders submitted before the stock officially opens and has been traded will be rejected
  • If you elect to place an order prior to the stock trading on the exchange, it will need to be a limit order
  • The first trade could occur as early as 9:30 a.m. ET, but could also take place later in the morning (LATER IN THE MORNING???? Facebook is telling us: catch me if you can!)
  • If you access a quote for Facebook Inc. prior to the stock trading on the exchange, the bid and ask will display as “zero.”
Further information will be provided if necessary or available.

Thank you TD Waterhouse :)

I am expecting to buy some Facebook stocks for $500 this morning.

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Anonymous said...

So am I Sunny. I doing it a TFSA and a little less than $500. And I plan on using a trailing stop to grab some profits.

If I was better financially, I would hold for a least few months to a year.


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