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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Montreal, here I come

I had received some very good dividend payment today. With my DRIP that been cancelled, I can enjoy the cash. I am trying to decrease my margin a bit. I had applied a 1k from my own money. The stock market is not doing that well, but personally speaking, I am doing better. I got another freelance job. Its interesting, but there's a lot of documentation that I need to read. I read it all, but I will need to do another reading. Its a bit complicated. After a first try, it should be all right. I am looking forward to begin by tomorrow.

On top of what, I am leaving for Montreal this upcoming Sunday. I began to put things aside for packing. I also took care of several things. All a lot of work. I had moved so many times in my life, but each and single time, its a pain. Soooooo many things. Like my car, my insurance, etc... oh lala. AND my credit line at RBC. Its about to get resolve, but its all little things like that who had been taking my time. I am enjoying a few days left to do some more paintings and give my new freelance gig a try.

Problem being, everything is happening at the same time and on top of that, the TSX is under the 12 000 points.... CRAZY. I cannot wait for the JFT Fund to hit the market. Its going to be on Friday :)


unbalanced said...

Congrats on you move. You know what they say. When the going gets tuff....the tuff get going.

Anonymous said...

You are screwed and have no idea how to invest.... I love watching this unfold. Very entertaining, thank you

Sunny said...

I am a bit heartbroken actually, I would had preferred to stay here.

I am screwed? You are sooooo right. I am totally screwed. My life is shit.


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