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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Margin call or survey call coming from TD Waterhouse?

I received a call today and I was barely listening because I was eating at the same time, but I heard “TD Waterhouse”... at that point, I taught I was receiving a margin call. For a few seconds, my world, once again, was upside down... I kept listening, and I heard “survey”. It was a short one, wasn’t? 

If TD Waterhouse wants to make me happy they have to cancel their RRSP fee (under 25k it’s like $150 or $100 a year!!), they have to give the margin value in real time with the rest of the portfolio, they have to remove their one withdraw rule regarding the TFSA.

At TD Waterhouse, you can withdraw from the TFSA only once every year, which really s*ck. If you withdraw from the TFSA more than one time, you’ll be paying a F penalty. Is that supposed to be acceptable? NO, it’s not.

TD Waterhouse has a lot of things to learn and a lot of things that need to be improved. However, their brokers have nice sexy voices and I always LOVE to hear male brokers. Kind of my thing :)

Also, TD Waterhouse, lower your interest rate on your margins. Then, I promise, I will be happy, for once.


Anonymous said...

instead of buying jft, buy fb, it will go higher a good 10-20 % tomorrow guaranteed from ipo price, mark my words

Sunny said...

Yeah, but it is too late now?

I am just curious to see if its possible to acquire some Facebook stocks through TD Waterhouse. I may call to find out :)

Sunny said...

Its not possible to enter the IPO with TD Waterhouse. I am surprise because TD is also in the US as a broker.... so why not? I don't know. They are not in. its not too late, its just they never been in. IPO is only available in the US.

In Canada, you can get in through some private firm, from what I read online.

I don't have a penny to trade in Facebook. The ticket will be FB. I may try trade a $500 on a quick buy-and-sell.... Quite tempting :)

Ruth said...

interesting Sunny, i too, was curious on how to buy FB, i watched this show Mad Money and he said to wait because it will have a dip and you can buy in then and not to do it tomorrow. love your thoughts on this one.
what a hammering of the stocks all because of one little place with a population the size of Chicago..cannot believe it...they (Greece) shouldn't have been in the Euro in the first place.

Sunny said...

I don't like the Euro. The capitalist system is not made for countries to be supportive one and the other.


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