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Friday, May 11, 2012

$125 318 and a few pennies

Look at the lovely summer dress I just bought! Very pretty, don’t you think so? I am leaving very soon for Montreal. I am pretty much all set. And best of all, I am going back in my old apartment where I used to live when I left Montreal in September 2011. My accommodation problem is resolved. I am staying in a University residence for 12 days in X University somewhere located in Montreal lol.;0)

I took the cheapest accommodation I could find and in result, I am leaving exactly 2 days before beginning my job. I would had liked to go earlier but at $34 per night (it’s cheap, I know, but I am really on a budget), I decided to do a last minute thing. I will have at least a day to do my nails and visit Montreal. What I plan to do is to take a part-time summer job so I can save more cash for once I will be back under unemployment. 

It’s a chance to have those credit cards. I had paid around $400 for my temporary stay at the student residence and I had to pay $300 in front as a security deposit to get my old apartment back. Does it worth it, to go to Montreal just for a temporary position? Well, it worth it in my case. It’s not like I have many years of experience and I prefer to take whatever present to me, especially while it’s something related to my field and especially knowing the workplace conditions. It will also give a good work reference if it goes well because let forget about my late employer ok, I am suing them in court. I know what you are thinking and please, just stop thinking. It’s about my extraordinary life here so calm down. 

I know Montreal quite well so it’s not like I am moving to a place I don’t know. I am getting a 16 week for sure of labor, enough to make my unemployment for next year I guess but I don’t know for sure how it work. But what I know for sure is that my investment portfolio is performing very well. The TSX is under the 12k points, but my non-registered portfolio is at a very good $125 318.13. Yesterday, I closed the session at 124k+. I have more than $14 000 left on my margin. Very soon, a 2k will go to cover my new investment in the JFT Strategies Fund. I already injected in cash a 1k in my margin. I need to add on another 1k by May 18. I really need to have a around a 15k value left in cash in my margin. The best will be to have a 20k left to keep it safer, especially in those very hard market conditions. I kind of having no choice than to seek for part-time work when I hit back Montreal or I will have to limit my purchases.


Liquid Independence said...

Nice dress, just in time for summer. My portfolio is down about 3% this month. Hope this trend doesn't continue long. X University in Montreal? Hm, I wonder which one, lol.

Anonymous said...

How do you maintain a record high when most of your stocks have declined and some are at 52 week low like K,FR,PHS.U ?
RSI raise the dividend. Maybe it can reach 6 bucks.Glad I didn't sell as you suggest.

Sunny said...

I don't hold PHS.U in my non-registered portfolio, only TFSA and RRSP.

The amount invested in FR an K are not very high, so fact that they are down is not affecting the value of the non-registered portfolio that much.

On the other hand, stuff like CNR, CU, X FTS, PPL, MX and other are performing very well. Right now, my non registered portfolio is at $124 400. Quite good knowing the TSX loss close to 200 points today... again.

Fact is, it doesn't matter that a few stocks are not performing well when a portfolio is diversify. Diversification protect the overall value.

Anonymous said...

facebook ipo coming soon, any luck in getting some shares?

Sunny said...

I didn't get in. I invested 2k in Jean-François Tardif new fund. I don't have enough in cash reserve to invest in JFT and in Facebook.

I was excited over Facebook IPO but not anymore. And the share price is not cheap. I don't know anymore if Facebook IPO worth it. Certainly maybe, but kind of out of reach for me.

Sunny said...

Its all related to a cash problem actually. If I would have enough, I would have invested in Facebook, probably.

Ruth said...

how would one invest in facebook? Cramer said if you didnt get in the IPO , not to invest the first day. Maybe someone can explain it to me about investing in this stock.

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

You may want to contact your broker, but good luck. Facebook stocks are expensive and I guess they have a minimum of 200 stocks probably... 200 x 30$ or so = 6k... See what I mean?

Its better to go under that JFT new fund rather than Facebook.


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