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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beyond Pop Up of Tom Wesselmann

My non-registered portfolio closed Friday session at a superb $124 128. I have below 15k left in margin money. I have exactly left $11 752.35, which is a bit dangerous. My preference goes over a 15k. Below that is quite dangerous. When I am under the impression, I simply transfer my 5k credit line value over the margin. Following what, it makes a 16k. This only shows how difficult the market is. Holding a margin in a broker account can be a pain in the a**. You should be smarter than me and just avoid. PLEASE.

My portfolio is down a little, but still, while exceeding the 120k, I remain happy, especially in those market conditions. I had spent a week at my new temporary job. I am going through it I guess, but I wonder what will happen next, will I move back to New Brunswick or am I going to stay in Montreal, should I seek for a summer part-time job, what do I do, etc, etc. etc… With all those, I am having a hard time to sleep at night. I never hard problem to sleep before, really just occasionally and I don’t even remember the last time it happen to me. Also, I am going to move again on June 1th, that time in my old apartment… I am a moving specialist. I had moved around so many times in my life. Did it always worth it? I will say yes ok. Because it had giving me the possibility to save a lot, no matter what. Of course, moving is costly, but worth it if well managed and there’s always plenty of ways to make money. 

Today, I went at an exhibition, Beyond Pop Up of Tom Wesselmann at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal and it was really cool. 

Gentlemen, if you go see Beyond Pop Up of Tom Wesselmann, you are going to see why us women have it all and most importantly, you’ll experiment the natural power of the woman naked body at its best, I am telling you. It’s pop erotic art, in a certain way. Sexual, but not insensibly, still good for all public, I guess. It was fun. Montreal Museums were free all day long today. I only quickly went to the Musée des Beaux-Arts. I had been busy lately with my freelance, I am praying to be paid, and that’s the worst part of it. Of not knowing if a payment will  be made. Could be, could be not. What a mess of life. 

I am still looking forward to add a few stocks of KEG.UN stocks in my fabulous portfolio. It will be a nice addiction since I don’t hold anything in term of restaurant.

Yesterday I walked around to the Plaza St-Hubert.

I also went to Outremont. You’ll notice the student red square in front of some apartments. Outremont is a beautiful neighborhood. 

It’s full of Jewish people who dressed in a strange and very conventional way. I don’t know how their men can stand walking close to me while wearing a skirt. I may not be sexual enough lol. See, I may have some problem to sleep but I haven’t lost my sense of humor yet. Maybe it’s the room that is too big. I am use to small crappy place, not a HUGE bedroom. Well, soon, I will be back in my small one and a half apartment.

Can someone tell me what am I doing in Montreal? Why I am here anyway? Just for 18 weeks of work? WAKE UP U BITCH.



unbalanced said...

You should listen to your last line. You always run around like a fart in a wind storm. You don't have a clue on what youre doing in life or in the stock market.

Sunny said...

I am just doing my show to advertise my readers. You shouldn't take everything to the first degree.

Anonymous said...

how much your margin changes with your portfolio amount? you should keep track 124K = 11.7K margin left.. so basically you will know if your portfolio loses 10K, how much will this affect your margin...

Ruth said...

I think your probably like most young men and sowing your wild oats...only your oats are the stock market. guess it doesn't matter what u do or where u live as long as your paying your own way. i would think twice about the keg stock also. why not give enbridge stock a go..with your is the best buy.

Anonymous said...

DV, why don't you marry someone with same the interest, so you will have less expenses, and both can invest.


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