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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Are you money disease free? I am NOT

I am getting paid in 2 days and I have to admit; I had been thinking more and more of adding a new investment in so I can catch up with the losses I am currently experiencing with Data Group Inc. (DGI). I made my investment in DGI a very long time ago. The dividend was just tooo sexy and juicy. I couldn't resist. And the stock by itself was interesting too I mean, it was in field of interest to me. And its not the first time I am experiencing a crash in the value of Data Group. 

Currently, I am much more tempted to invest than just put the money on my margin. We talk about Canadian Tire, a reader talk about Saputo... I mean sure, if I had money, I would be investing in both companies. My interest is to get rich by investing in Canadian stocks. Is that impossible, even for me who's mostly tempt to fall into temptations (money, sex, food...). We don't have that big talk about my sex life here, but you can get at least the vibes of it. As for food, I am still on a diet and I am doing great. I lost close to 15 pounds so far and if I could lose another 15 pounds, if not more, well you know, it wouldn't hurt me, if not only my fantastic curves. Yes, I really have it all, its up to you to get the perfect picture.

So in other words, you are getting the very best of me on this blog. And I know you cannot get enough of me. And I cannot get enough of the stock market. My problem is that even while holding a bunch of debt; I cannot stop investing. I am powerless in front of the stock market. Some have gambling problems, others, like Toronto Mayor, crack problems, some other quite liars, hypocrites. I have that sense of perfection very deep inside of me. I am not jealous or anything else you could imagine. I only have one big hell of a problem. I cannot stop investing. I cannot stop trading. I cannot stop looking at the stock market every hours of the day. I am an addict. And I am ALWAYS trying to get on my next investment. Its an eternal search for finding the next new stocks that will make me rich. Its the eternal try to get back on my feet when I mess up with a bad investment. And I certainly mess up a thousands times. And I also succeeded certainly a lot more times. 

I think I had learned the lessons I needed to learn but I needed to do things my way. But what lesson anyway? I am still super close tot he 100k net work and is that doesn't mean much to you, well it mean of a big deal to me. And I am more than certainly 6k in dividend income. I am not suppose to have those several thousands worth in investments. I am not supposed to have available 4 times my salary worth in credit. I don't have the profile. I am not a money magnet in my essence. I am not earning that much money either.

Its start gradually for the better and worst and the better may be set to come because on Friday, just watch me invest in MY NEXT investment: Stantec Inc. (STN). I know, I also have that disease that make me invest in stocks when they are at their highest value. Sorry, but I am suffering from a lot of money disease.

I hope at least that I kept you entertain.


Anonymous said...

At what point do you realize you keep having to add money to your margin account but your portfolio value remains stagnant? Effectively it means you're having to fund these losses.

Anonymous said...

Just trying to help, but you need to take the time and rebalance your accounts. Get rid of the duds pay down the margin, and rethink your way forward. Until this happens, your margin account is funding your losses, as someone else has mentioned above. The key to investing is that your invested capital must be making you money, otherwise well, your blog is just cheap entertainment for us. - cheers.

Stéphane Giroux said...

STN est risqué présentement pour le retour que tu peux espérer, ce n'est pas parce qu'un titre a monté qu'il faut courir dessus. Bien sûr à toi de voir ce que tu veux faire avec ton argent.

Je pense aussi que ton portefeuille est trop risqué, en plus de négliger les titres US... ce concentrer seulement sur le marché canadien est une erreur, à mon avis

À chacun son style d'investissement, tu as bien raison... tu dois apprendre à ta manière, mieux vaux faire des erreurs jeune que vieux!

Côté poids, est-ce à dire que tu avais 30 livres en trop? Bonne continuité et merci pour ton blog.

Stéphane Giroux said...

STN est cher ces temps-ci, je pense que tu vas prendre plus de risque pour le rendement espéré.

Je pense aussi que tu aurais avantage à regarder aux E-U... y-a pas juste le marché canadien qui existe.

À toi de voir, comme tu dis à chacun son style et ses apprentissages.

Côté poids, tu veux dire que tu avais 30 livres en trop? Bonne continuité et merci pour ton blog!

Ruth said...

i agree too with the capital in making gains...nice with a dividend but it has to grow to make money.your pembina, meth, and david henderson is an example of that..why , sunny , don't you keep about 8 really solid stocks and speculate on perhaps 3 or 4 but you have so many with little amount of stocks..when these biggies have a drop...add to them instead...just thoughts.

Sunny said...

I don't like those arrogant French people posting in French on my blog only because obviously I am French.

Do I need to lose 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 pounds? What do you think? No skinny girl can play on the market but no obese girl either.

As for you, dear Ruth, its been a long time! A normal person should invest in a 8 stocks portfolio but I wouldn't be happy with that. There's too many great companies out there to take advantage of.

But also, I began investing in my late twenties just when I began to have a situation. I was in my late twenties, but the stocks market was all new. I was young, adventurous.

Not that I haven't change much, but now I am less crazy.

Your thoughts are interesting and make a lot of sense Ruth!

Anonymous said...

I didn't detect any arrogance in the comment by grox01.


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