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Monday, November 18, 2013

Let's make another post out of this! For the love of those TD Waterhouse brokers

Why not?

I finally got a TD Waterhouse broker over the phone - the English ONLY speaking type of broker - see what I mean? And I explain that I had made an investment in my non-registered account today and that I wanted to take that investment and get it transferred over my TFSA TODAY.

After all, I am a TD princess.

I have the big margin, the big credit card, the big credit lines. What does it take more for those little sexy brokers to take me seriously? COME ON GUYS.

Well, ahaha, sometime, things don't get my way.

I did a couple of times contribution in kind. Contribution in kind is when you take an existing investment of your non-registered portfolio and get it transfer over. And than, the magical question being ask, the highest or lowest point of the day. And after, the transfer is being done.

Ok, cool, but why cannot be done this time?

Because the settlement date need to be reach. So I will need to wait until November 21st.

Its nothing of an embarrassment of anything like that because I had a feeling that a waiting period was needed. No one can do anything with a stock within a day, if not just sell it. To sell and buy, no problem, to get in right on time before for dividend, you need to invest 3 business days before the date giving, etc. etc. etc.

Having a lot of fun with TD Waterhouse.

Anyway, may Saputo Inc. (SAP) bring on a lot of richness to my portfolio and GLOW.

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