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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You can do it Heroux-Devrek Inc. (HRX), up up up! Go go go!

Its a Tuesday night and I am currently doing my laundry because I had so much to do. I am older now and I started realizing that my mom is no longer there to do my laundry and clean the place, cook my meals.... Ah miss you mommy! So since I start realizing I need to care of myself by my own (that happen in my thirties...), I do more cleaning, laundry, cooking. As I grow older I am getting cleaner and cleaner. I am no mommy little girl anymore. While doing my laundry, we are getting our first snow in Montreal! The first snow is always very exciting. But because its getting dark at something like 5 pm these days, no way I will be able to enjoy the view anytime soon before the weekend. But guess what, there's will be another weekend in only 3 days now. Park Lafontaine is my favorite spot to go during the first snow. Its absolutely stunning and marvelously wonderful. I would be damn lucky to be renting and apartment over there. But it's not cheap.

I must be getting older because today I saw a 32'' LG plasma TV on sale at The Source for only $322 before tax. I taught it was a sweet deal and I REALLY wanted that TV and I suddenly was in need for a couch, a TV and CABLE. Isn't this horrible? lol... I don't have a nice fancy chair to put my booty on and its sure I miss comfort at a point. But I never wanted to buy anything for my apartment in case I needed to move to get a job, in case something happen and whatever else. Fact that I live in Quebec and not feeling 100% home is not helping either. I don't necessarily  hate Quebeckers only to hate them, but I dislike very much their politics, their choices and what they had become as a society. Like this is not me. This is not me at all. I am in favor for the rights of religion, but Quebec now decided to follow the footsteps of France, which is totally disgusting. God will forgive those damn Quebeckers, but I will never forgive them. I am the Dividend Girl that I am because God built myself that way. Smart, ingenious and sexy - maybe not as much as Kate Moss but nevermind Kate Moss ok I am tired of her!!! Cocaine made her sexy among the way, not God. That is my view on Kate Moss. No one can pose like that, its not natural. Its the HIGH in the sky effect, I am telling you. I AM TIRED OF KATE MOSS.

And also well you know me, all my money goes over my portfolio, its a real rage, I cannot control it. I need to invest or I don't exist. And this blog doesn't exist too - see what I mean? Bu t the Black Friday is coming and I might shop around for a more comfortable chair for my 33 booty beautiful butt getting confy.

State of mind.

Imagine, I had been checking on my portfolio and I NO LONGER experiencing a loss on my Exchange Income Fund (EIF) investment; I am even at at profit of more $100 now. I was soo release! Because as you know - because I wrote about it - not so long ago, I had experienced a loss of 1k over EIF!

Also recently, HRX seriously begin to kick some ass! I had invested in HRX a little way back in other to touch their $5 per share special dividend - THAT WAS HOT, THAT WAS GREAT - can I have another one like that one PLEASE. I heard that Sears was going to pay a special dividend, which I find very stupid because their losing money like crazy but hey, cannot have it all like the Dividend Girl ok.

So the thing is, I had kept in my portfolio Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) after they pay a dividend because I find the company was cool and now, I am only experiencing a lost of something like $60 on the stock. Isn't great? A loss is a loss, but its getting better. And I notice that all of what I had named my troublemaker stocks, they are all going better, like CPG, VSN, NFI.

Like the old Gordon Pape and his rich friends of the gulf club are waiting for a FF stock corrections, I am, the Dividend Girl waiting for richness to happen and it will happen. Kate Moss had her destiny, I  got mine and time for Gordon Pape to call for a retirement because I don't want to read about a poor dude annoying announcing that a stock market correction is about to happen.

Stock correction happen ALL the time for a reason another, Euro, US, Canada, China. What is wrong with Gordon Pape? Its because of its age.

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