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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Up close and personal with Alec Baldwin, the man who couldn't keep his pants on in front of b@tches

Today is a very sad day. I was shocked to learn that Genevieve Sabourin will have to do 7 months in a US prison in her case against Alec Baldwin. But I have to say, her behavior in court certainly didn't. From what I understand, the judge gave her an extra 30 days because she was always interrupting the procedures. Any judges would have do the same. I know the court, I had been there once. And I don't understand why her lawyer didn't advise her to shut the hell up! But I guess he might had done so. 

It seem to me that Genevieve Sabourin had been left behind by everyone. She may had a personal intercourse with Alec Baldwin, and knowing the reputation of the man, she certainly had so, and she may even had sex with him. All those things are very great, but once Alec was no longer interested, she shouldn't push it that far. It appear to me that she might still be in love with him. More than a prison sentence, she need psychological help. And I think Alec did not understand that part and I find it very mean in a way. He suddenly left her and Genevieve had been lost ever since. That's what happen. And now her heart is broken and she could face severe depression in the following months. Because its not even 30 days that the poor girl will have to spend in prison: its 7 months!!! 

She's going to prison, and during that time, Alec is free to go, even if he had cheat on his wife. Life is unfair, but bitches have to deal with that kind of shit. However, Genevieve Sabourin is not a player. Her feeling were real, Alec broke her heart, she wanted her revenge, but it didn't work out.

Of course not. You always have to watch your back when you are around rich people like that. Enjoy what pass by, but when its over, its over. And I wonder why Genevieve didn't understand that. After all, Genevieve Sabourin is not a 20 or 30 something fresh hot chick.. she's old, she's 41!!! So I don't get it that she couldn't put herself together. Didn't she had anything better to do instead of Twitting all day long and giving interviews and so on? Her showtime last for a couple of months but nothing good is now left.

USA prisons are very bad and unsafe places to be. I remember reading Natalie McLennan - another Montrealer who spent sometime time in New York and also spent some time in a US prison - and I remember, even now, how awful it seem to be. And its just very unfortunate that Genevieve have to go through the same rough pattern. And when you think about it, there's quite similarities between Genevieve Sabourin and Natalie McLennan. And its sad, because what do you imagine Genevieve can do now to pay her lawyer fees and everything else? Its not just a 80k like me that she might be in debt. Prostitution? Escorting? Its not by being a yoga teacher she'll be able to make it happen. And prostitution is not an option. So she might declare bankruptcy but I don't know if she can do that while being in prison. I just hope for her she'll get sometime to put her stuff in order before going to prison and once back, it will be time to find work and I hope she'll find peace.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot completely understand Genevieve Sabourin.

That's enough about the other bitches, let's go back to ME please.

My non-registered portfolio is hitting on the $126 081.19. Watching it going over 125k is what? Fantastic. And after that, I am being call a cheap entertainer? WHAT???? Get out of here.

One day, I will follow a yoga class with Natalie McLennan.

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