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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dieting, Kate Moss, PlayBoy and my portfolio

It was super cold in Montreal today. However, its the day I had chosen to shop for my Christmas and Holidays cards. I almost done. If you need inspiration on what to buy for family and friends, you can check on my purchases right here.

I started the weekend on Friday by cleaning my place and moving stuff around. I have a bit more space the way things are displayed now. The cleaning continue on Saturday and I only went out to purchased some of my meal replacements at Shoppers - 6 at $6.99, good deal. I am obviously still dieting and its going on great. I am dieting harder these days because I know that with the Holidays season coming, I will be eating some cakes and delicious home meals. So I am getting ready to gain a few pounds, but I need to lose more now... Because I know too well that I will gain weight... that's almost 100 % sure. Drinking is not helping either during that happy period. 

I am still getting on the scale everyday and its really helping me to stay on a diet moon. For breakfast, I usually get oatmeal or 2 raisin breads with orange juice and of course a coffee. For snack, around 10, I get an apple or orange. For lunch, I drink a meal replacement. And when I get hungry again, I eat an apple. Once home, I made myself a soup. And I sometime get some pieces of dark chocolate (it supposed to help lose weight). And truly, its all going great. I sometime get myself some salmon for dinner. I also like cucumbers and a diet classic.... celery. I also try really really hard to drink at least 3 big cups of tea per day but I don't always. I sometime bring 2 bold eats at work. I like bold eggs. And I also like oranges and clementines.

I am dieting since the beginning of September now. I guess I will need an extra 3 months to get where I want to be. Some people made me the remark that I loss weight and I was yeah, I am. I try to lose weight without going to the gym. It will make me feel very bad to spend an $80 if not more monthly on a gym membership. So I prefer to eat much less and drink my meal replacements for lunch. I got use to the taste, its not that bad... And with the mix of vegetables and fruit I am eating, I am getting everything I need. I just bought 2 steaks today at the grocery. I will have one done for dinner tomorrow. 

In order to lose weight, there's no magic trick.

Among the process, I eat a lot less than what I used to. Like today, I got breakfast at Mike's on St-Catherine, I guess it was around 10 h 30 and I haven't eat since that time. Great news, I don't even feel hungry. The best would be for me to eat a little something but I would like to lose those extra pounds as quickly possible. And trust me, I am not the fragile little girl. And I am going to kick Kate Moss ass naked.

So I really hope to get my very own personal naked calendar for 2014. Like Kate Moss, she's 40 and she's doing the cover of PlayBoy and her body line is just as gorgeous as ever. I don't think I wil be able to outpass the beautiful body of Kate Moss, but I can certainly have a beautiful body and kick some ass out there that's for sure.

The cost of the calendar? Its not been fixed yet. And naked calendar, only in your wildest dream fools ya!

I am jealous of Kate Moss. Being 40 and so outrageous, you need to be wild. Another wild bitch like Raymi the Minx.

I haven't proceed with any contribution in kind over my TFSA. Fact is, my Saputo investment injected more than $600 in loan value over my margin... I am very tempted to keep Saputo in my non-registered part, but on the other hand, I have like $15k contribution room left over my TFSA... Its always a mess up and a played game, but I need to get more good stuff inside my TFSA. I don't think I will made new by the end of 2013 because with Christmas coming on stuff, its certainly like $600 that is going away too quickly.

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