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Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio Saputo Inc. (SAP)!

For once, you'll be happy, I listen to my readers advice! LOL

Well, not exactly, here's what happen. Saputo first bit in that company located in Australia, but they had lost the deal, but shortly after, they back in into it (last Friday) and now, chances are that its Saputo who's going to win the battle. But nothing is sure still yet. Anyhow, I am pretty sure this deal will go through so this is why I decided to invest in Saputo. 

Stantec still have a hot appeal, but with that deal going on in Australia, I decided I wanted to be part of the fun! 

Since I wake up late, I put the trade in my non-registered account. I am currently waiting over the phone for a TD Waterhouse broker to take my call and I am waiting, waiting and waiting... All that work for a tiny small investment... I mean, hot brokers, I love you all.

There's nothing sexier than a stock broker wearing a suit. It drive me crazy and TD Waterhouse brokers at the Eaton Center are quite hot.

Today, the US stock market hit the 16k mark, so I guess that special event explain why there's such a waiting delay in order to get one of those hot TD Waterhouse broker over the phone. I mean, talk to me baby.

I definitely need to invest in extra quality stocks. It will help me to recover from all my past mistakes. But I have to say, no matter what, most of the moves were great. I am not in a hole here. Its just I need to invest more in quality stock and watch out my gambling taste, hold on, breath. Can I seriously do that? That's what we'll find out!

I am still waiting over the phone for a TD Waterhouse broker!!! 

I can easily see myself investing later on in Stantec that's for sure.

Other than the deal in Australia, another think I consider while looking at Saputo Inc. (SAP) is Susan Brunner blog. Saputo used to be among her biggest hold. If you perform a search on Susan Brunner blog for Saputo, you'll only read some nice interesting stuff. Her search engine is at the upper corner left.

Saputo won't bring on a lot in term of dividend, but it could over the long run and it will certainly bring on a nice capital gain. Despite the fact that I am a Dividend Girl, I try not to focus on dividend anymore while investing. High dividend yield = death row. The key for young investor is to keep playing on for the long run, there's no other options. 

I was kind of lost over my TFSA contribution limit. So I place a call to Canada Revenue Agency Tax information line and I got the answer right away. Once this Saputo investment transfer over my TFSA, I will have left a bit more than 13k left available as contribution room. And in 2013, it will be another $5 500 that I will be allow to invest, for a total of almost $18 000.

Its really important to keep track of your TFSA contribution limit because if you exceed the contribution rights, you'll have a SUPER huge penalty to pay. You really don't want that to happen. To find out how much contribution room left you have, call the number, find out the contribution room allow for 2013 and you MINUS - the amount to what you already contribute to 2013. And voilà, you'll get the magic number.

For my part, I knew for sure that I still had contribution room left, it was just a matter to know how much. And I really didn't want to mess up. I still have over 13k left for 2013, that's quite a lot of money. From now on, all of my future investments will be made inside my TFSA. I have soo much in contribution room, its unbelievable. But its not really my fault, its all the fault of my margin. 

While having a margin, it can be extra hard to invest outside the non-registered part because once you start a margin, all your world get control by it. and to star safe and secure, the only thing you can do is:
1) To invest more inside the non-registered portfolio; or
2) Pay the margin down.

There're not a million solutions.

But currently, I have a 10k credit line at RBC that is completely paid off. I have over 10k credit card at a bit more than 9%. I have a 10k credit line at 9% and also a 5k at 8.75%, etc... I have cash, but its cash available on credit lines and credit cards. 

i have now left more than 17k cash on my margin. That's not exactly a lot, but my personal goal was to have at least a 15k left available on margin so I am now exceeding the goal. This is the reason why I feel comfortable now to place more and more investment inside the TFSA.

The best way to deal with a margin is to know your limits, follow the stock market day-per-day and really, everything should go fine. I don't know for how long I had my margin account now, but its been a little while. And time had come to extend my life to a little bit more than just a f margin account, sorry for the world, but it sound just perfectly at its place with the margin.

I am still waiting online for a TD Waterhouse broker to answer... Will someone answer soon?

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Anonymous said...

Saputo Inc is a good investment. People drink milk, eat cheese every day. Also, it a good dividend growth stock. Still you are in late rally, but for long term is a very good investment you made.


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