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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Genevieve Sabourin hitting on Rivers Island jail, the most dangerous place in the USA

I like it very much when the TSX closed in the high... and today was one of those good market days. My non-registered portfolio closed the day at $126 794.54, which is the highest ever my portfolio ever ever went to. I taught it was cool when I hit the 100k. I taught it was very good at 120k. And how we're on rad for the 130k. And I just keep thinking: wowwwww that was EASY!  But I know that you know that in fact, it haven't been easy, especially with all those motions, stock keep crashing from time to time, Euro, silver crash, gold crash and you know the rest by heart.

I made a deposit of a bit more than a 1k on my margin account during my lunch time so I was all ready to place a new trade but nothing happen. It was extra busy at work and I just had no time left after I went to the bank. So nothing is getting push and I get on my move closer. Its been a long week and I had been dreaming of this weekend all week long. I need to accumulate good investments stuff in order to move on. And Stantec inc. (STN) is very appealing. Its the power of attraction.

This is exactly what I taught but I had to search to find out that this was really real: the poor Genevieve Saboutin is going to spend 7 months in the same jail were Natalie McLennan spent some
time in when she was 24 years old: Rikers Island. And at Rikers Island, do you know what they do with inmates suffering psychologically like Sabourin? If they are taking too much time out of the officers, they put them in isolation. Rikers Island is known to be one of the most violent prison of the US. And its were Genevieve Sabourin is about to spend 7 months of her life. What will be left of her after?

In both cases, Genevieve Sabourin and Natalie McLennan plead not guilty and that certainly help them in the process. That's another point they have in common. Its all a matter of getting the right lawyer. A good lawyer would had tell tell to plead guilty and their sentences would had been reduced. Because both of them were guilty anyway, its just sometime its hard to face the true.

Anyway, sorry to bring on Natalie McLennan again but she's truly a fascination and her book is really well written. Back in October of this year, a television series came out of her story. i just hope she had touched some loyalties because far are the days were she could make $2 000 per hour just by turning on men. That's double of 2 weeks of my salary....

But hey, we all have our addictions. Some are addicted to crack like Rob Ford, some are are addicted to Alec Baldwin, for other its sex and cocaine... And for me, well, you already know my addictions.

Have a good Saturday.

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