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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When the name barely meet the standard anymore: Jean-Francois Tardif. And nope, you won't know my name anytime soon

A day after my investment made in Saputo Inc. (SAP), my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $127 823.48, +13.60%. Things are certainly getting better. And I can keep going like this in a good market condition, I will be fine. I am still thinking of adding Stantec in later on.

For now, a few things are catching my attention on fire.

First of all, Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). That stock in a major holding of mine. It crash a couple of weeks ago and I was there in a capital loss of more than $700, maybe even 1k, I don't remember exactly. But what I do remember is that I used to be on the deep red with this one. but for now, I am only at -$271. My position in EIF is getting a lot better now. Its never easy for a face a crash inside a stock but when it happen, ask yourself, the famous question: WHY? 

Where is coming the loses? Is it in result of a stock crash? In my case with EIF, there wasn't a stock crash at that time. Did the company announced bad news? at the time EIF crash, nothing was going on. There was no reason behind this capital loss, if not a massive sale off. Investors had decided to sell in order to benefit some valuable capital gains. The most hilarious part is that I had wrote before on my intention to MAYBE partly sell my holding in EIF... And that crash happen... 

EIF will gain in value again, it just take time to recover from such crash in the value.

The JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is finally getting into the right direction. It was about time. Will Jean-Francois Tardif be able to perform like he used to be? Ok, I remember the guy saying that a 6% was a good result in an interview. What the. I can do better than a 6%, so why can't he? Its because Jean-Francois Tardif is a lazy Quebecker. That's why. But at least the lazy didn't make me lose any money yet so I will hold on. But I am extremely disappointed because the management fees on JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) are very high. 

I guess many other investors got fool by the famous made.

CDL.A had changed of name and quote symbol. I just find it very stupid because the new name is very similar to what it used to be.

I hope to see my holding in NFI, CPG, VSN in positive territory soon but for that, I need a good stock market condition.


Anonymous said...

Sunny tell us what you think of Bitcoin :)

Sean said...

EIF went down because of Westower communications. Might be good for you to listen to some conference calls or read some MD&As.


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