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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH): a major turn on for investors

Following Donald Trump speech to the Congress, the TSX reaction was quite good. It didn't hit back to the old very luxurious 15 800 points, but still, a 15 608.5 points is quite nice to be on. My non-registered portfolio closed Friday session at $150 582.99 and my TFSA at $60 313.2, all quite good for me. Overall, my net worth is probably around 187-188k right now.

Its hard to believe, but I currently have $2 880.49 in cold fresh cash in my banking account. One of my secret goal for 2017 was, for once in many years, to leave some money in my banking account, and the amount set was money survival for 6 months, $1 250 (minus my dividend income), which make about $4 000. If I ever need to, I may be able to live on less than $1 250, but it will be tough rough life. 

By the end of March, I hope to have at least $4 000 in my banking account. And that will be it. It wasn't easy at first to see a few thousands being there doing nothing, but its all for a good cause - mine. Very awful to have so much put on the stock market, knowing that its the riskiest place to put any money, and have no cash hiding somewhere safe. This all come at the right time because my portfolio is "almost" a work of perfection. My latest investment, Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) came as a revelation and its probably among the best investment moves I have ever make in the past couple years, if not so far in my life. There's really investment that change life and ever since I had been in contact with TIH, I know it was it. 

Only time will tell if I am right but I am very confident and I have good hope for this investment. Starting April of this year, I would like to invest a couple thousands more in Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) just to satisfy my taste for self-satisfaction. And just to bring that self-satisfaction feeling to another level, I am the one that bring Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) to life on Internet. Go on Google, search for TIH on the Web and you'll see it for yourself: no one expect me to write about TIH, no so call financial bloggers, no so call journalists, no so call fund managers. Just no one. Just the so call Dividend Girl lol. But now you know at least the existence of TIH. According to the Globe and Mail, TIH shares have outperformed the S&P TSX by 29.83% during the last year. What a spectacular stock to hold in a portfolio, isn't?

So far, 2017 is a glamorous year for my dividend income. Canadian banks announced one after the other that they were increasing their dividend. Latest one was Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD). My latest dividend increased + the new stocks collected by DRIP made it easy to reach the 7k in dividend income. My annual dividend income is now at $7 007.86. Finally popping up the 7k mark. Investing more in TIH won't bring in a lot in term of dividend, but I am in for the capital gain on the long long run.

Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) just be ready to be on my side for years to come.

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