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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Another historic day on the markets: the TSX closed the session at 16 025.59 points!

I just can't believe, we already in November tomorrow, another month passing by mean, among other things, another rent payment . Right now, I am a princess, and my castle is the TSX. Today mark another historic day on the Canadian stock market: the TSX closed the session at 16 025.59 points. In result of those fantastic points, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $190 037.30. Its the first time EVER that my non-registered portfolio reach the 190k mark. My RRSP portfolio closed today session at $37 700.60, and my TFSA portfolio, at $61 591.74.

Colliers International Group Inc. (CIGI) closed today session by gaining 7.92%. Its a stock that been on my watch list since a little while. Its currently the single and only stock on my watch list, because I usually invest quickly in stock that have an interest, and I certainly should have invested in CIGI. This is what I like to explain as the "Dividend Girl effect". The Dividend Girl effect is when me, a so call Dividend Girl, write about a stock, or announced a new investment recently made, and following what, the stock gains in value. 

Its important to always have new stocks on the radar because you never know when you'll discover your best new phenomenal stocks that will lead to only success and money.

I just learned the weirdest thing ever over the news: René Lévesque was born in Campbelton, New Brunswick! The man who shit on Canada for decades and who founded the Partie Québecois was born in my province! Unbelievable. René Lévesque was nothing more than a man of poor integrity who disrespect Canada. Anyone trying to divide my country is what the Catalonia is to Spain: complete bastard idiots who are nothing more than poor rats and second class citizens. We should never forget what Quebec did to us and what the Partie Québécois and Québec Solidaire still are on the go of doing. Recognize your enemies and fight them tot he end of times. I hope Spain will fight against Catalonia and may the nazi land perish.

This being said, I just add another stock to my watch list: COGECO Inc. (CGO).

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