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Monday, October 23, 2017

My non-registered portfolio closed today at its highest value EVER: $185 720.28

By closing at 15 855.76 points, the TSX had made me her favorite Queen by pushing me over the hedge to never been seen before profits. Its almost like I may get my pretty hands on a  $300 000. My non-registered portfolio closed at a great $185 720.28, which is its very highest value EVER! My TFSA portfolio closed at $61 384.75, and my RRSP (stocks only), at $37 347.93. So far, it looks to me like the TSX is definitively going to close at 16 000 points by the end of the year. As once said, you got to be an ambitious investor or now.

Having a TSX exceeding the 15 500 points is just super great. It makes things a lot easier, and it certainly makes it more fun to be invested in the market. I still have a hot crush on Boralex Inc. (BLX). I truly believe that BLX is going to be a great fit for my portfolio and I may place my move soon. I am working hard on myself not to invest again using my margin money. Because the baby is big and fat as ever before, $103 017.71... I truly believe that BLX is going to be a great fit for my portfolio. Following that investment, I will do my very best to stop investing for a little while and I will try to focus on paying down my debt, and leave a bit in my banking account. Many things ahead are also coming in a hurry: Christmas, next year TFSA contribution, and tax declaration... At a point, if I don't want to hold to the whole TSX in my portfolio, this got to stop somewhere, somehow.

It's hard to save money, very hard. I didn't get my hair coloration done for the past couple months - and that being just to save some money. But I am now a bit more happy with my choice since I read somewhere on Yahoo that hair coloration could be linked to breast cancer. I certainly don't want to say goodbye to my best assets. My natural color began to show up and it's not ugly. I also made the commitment not to purchase any new clothes, as I my two wardrobes are really full pack. I guess the most difficult part is to deal with the need of getting my hands on something new,  just like I love to invest in a new stock for my portfolio from times to times. Really recently, a nice scarf at the Chateau catches my eyes. Do I need it? No, I have a nice scarf of my daddy that I have and many others. At a point, it's the individual responsibility to stay strong and stand in front of any temptations. I can easily say no to a new scarf, but its a lot harder to say no to Boralex Inc. (BLX). Another BIG diamond on my naked body. Yes, thank you ;)

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