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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Today, I vote Valérie Plante for Montreal mayor

I am not a Quebecker and I will never be, but fact is, I pay my taxes in Quebec province, my driver license is a Quebec one, and so is my medical care card, even if I don't have a family doctor and that I won't ever request health care, by lack of trust in everything that includes Quebeckers dealing with others. I am in Montreal by necessity, not by choice. It’s the first time ever that I vote in a Quebec elections. I decided to vote in this municipal elections because Denis Coderre is just too much of a showman clown. He doesn't act enough in favor of the citizens. There's a lot of dishonesty and arrogance in Denis Coderre leadership. It becomes so terribly disgusting that I, proud New Brunswicker, decided it was time to shake up things a little and go vote in this province that is not mine. I did it for Valérie Plante. I like her tone, her talk is not aggressive or arrogant, she's an intelligent woman, even if intelligent and Quebecker are two words that mismatch most of the time... I sincerely believe that Valérie Plante has everything it takes to be a good leader for Montreal.

When it comes to politic, transparency and honesty are important values for me. If a leader tries to hide information and don't clearly answer questions that are being asked, it's quite a problem. One of those big problems that keep going on and on is that Denis Coderre doesn't want to say how many tickets had been sold for the Formula E. Its an even that caused big trauma among business owners and citizens living in that downtown sector for several long weeks. It's something that voters need to keep in my mind. Montreal didn't need the Formula E. I went there, seeking around, and it was quite boring, and I didn't purchase a ticket to enter the site.

Also, there're many problems in Montreal. Public transportation needs major improvements. There's a lack of affordable housing. Many problems are not being addressed properly when it comes to clean up slums, not enough resources for the homeless. It's easy to do the showman and act like a CEO instead of a mayor. Denis Coderre is not the best for Montreal. The city needs someone who's willing to work for the citizens and resolved all the problems that Denis Coderre never took care of. Valérie Plante is a better choice and I voted for her today. 

Fact that I vote today is a little move to have a positive change made in Montreal so I can be a bit prouder to live in this city.

You may notice, I posted an update of my investment portfolio. And it seemed like a girl that I know now has a net worth of $212 633 and a few cents! And it was quite an exciting find because just by quickly looking at the numbers, I taught I was only at somewhere $207 000 in net worth. I never could imaging that I was going to hit on the 210k, an even exceeding, anytime soon. Now, its official, I am the Queen of the TSX, once for good, I am. Its quite good because I needed a cheer up love after selling ABX.

When I updated my investment portfolio, a few things catched me:
-My investment in Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) is almost at $50 000.
-I am now in the profit zone with CAE Inc. (CAE), WSP Global Inc. (WSP) and CGI Group Inc. Class A Subordinate Voting Shares (GIB.A) - It took a long time to GIB.A to get to that point.
-My dividend income, excluding RRSP, is now at $8 571.24
-I am impress by the profit registered by Park Lawn Corporation (PLC). I found this stock on Stockopedia a while agao and ever since, PLC had been on the road for real good money.

If North Korean don't attack the US with a nuclear bom - or vice versa - I think I could be on 300k really soon and if it does, I promise you a surprise. In the meantime, I have no idea on what my next investment is going to be.

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