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Sunday, October 15, 2017

My non-registered portfolio is now at $185 154.18

I came back this week from a few vacation days in New Brunswick and while I was away, I kept watching the TSX, and it just kept going all the way up! Could the TSX closed the year 2017 at a 16 000 points? It could be the dream and if the TSX closed at 16 000 points, I will be richer than ever before. $206 352 is not that much money, but even at 37, I could never imagined having that amount, for me its a big chunk of sexy cash. I unfortunately had to come back to Montreal, but here are a few pictures of my home province, in the wood baby in the most nicest and beautiful place on earth (yeah!!!), and nothing else. Be proud New Brunswickers.

My non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session at a very good $185 154.18 - its very highest value EVER. Fact that Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) is now trading at close $103 per share is certainly helping my caused - just so kicking ass the usual way. I got worried regarding CAE Inc. (CAE) for little while, but its now getting back on track. And my TFSA portfolio closed at $60 800.74 and RRSP, $36 928.25. Currently, if it wouldn't be of the capital lost that I experimented in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) because of the shit of Marc Cohodes, I would be sitting on much more cash right now. 

In case you had missed the story, a couple months ago, an American citizen of the name of Marc Cohodes badly hurt the value of Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) on the TSX. Cohodes bad mouthed EIF title and he short-sell it, which in result affected the value of EIF. Of course, I got very scared, and I sell off that stock. I had been invested in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) since February 2011 and it really broke my heart to sell EIF, but I was very scared to lose money. I was way too scared. So I sell, at profit, but still, it didn't feel right to me knowing that an American bastard had controlled over my life.

And now, even if its wrong, I am very happy that Marc Cohodes California home sweet home is burning down. May he burns among his chickens so I can never hear of him ever again.

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