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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Saying hello to a $206 352.49 net worth!!! $$$

I was quite glad about the results of this last session Friday, so I quickly post a portfolio update! I didn't publish an update since April of this year!!!! It's been quite a rough road, but there's nothing I can handle of course. Back in April, my net worth was of $204 277.66. And on the date of September 30, $206 352.49. It's not of a super great gain, I totally agree, and maybe I shouldn't have posted my update, but at least there's a gain and I am confident that with my newest investments, I will be able to gain thousands and thousands more in terms of capital gain. Also, I like this because it really shows the true nature of investment - on how it can be difficult. If it wouldn't be of Marc Cohodes, my net worth would currently be in the $210 000.

What Marc Cohodes did is a terrible thing. He had deprived myself of my proud, of several thousands of dollars, and hard hurt really badly the value of Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) on the stock market. And currently, EIF is still far away from its 52 week high - $45.28 per share - and a lot of time will pass by before EIF can even get back to its old highest value. Just to know that some old rich gansters like Marc Cohodes are good enough to hurt the interest of Canadians so badly make me sick. It's a matter of both money and influence. Personally, I don't give any credit to Americans. Knowing who they are, how much racist and violence we find in the USA, that country arrived pretty low in my ranking. Canadians are among the brightest mind, we live in the best country of the world. Don't ever think that its everyone living on a middle-class salary like myself that have enough to invest in the stock market like I do. Many individuals in the US, France and even in the UK are having a really hard time to make a living. In the US, many residents are having the hell of a time just to pay for their medical bills. Fact is, when you don't have the chance to be Canadian and to live in Canada, it makes it harder, and even impossible in many cases, to have money in the market or to have any savings at all.

To see individuals like Marc Cohodes ruining my dream of glory glam on EIF, it makes me mad. I find Canadians too calm, gentle like little lambs who are scared of any Americans with money and power. No one is attacking Marc Cohodes for what he did. For a reason or another, back in the summer of 2017, Marc Cohodes decided to massively short-sell Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) and it caused EIF to lose a lot in value. I had been hurt by Marc Cohodes, and all EIF investors did. I know I hold to a lot of stocks already in my portfolio, but eventually, I would like to get back in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF).

Following my first $100 000, it took me 3 years to reach my first $200 000 in net worth. I guess it will take about the same amount of time to get into the 300k mark. I got impressed by the 200k net worth and it was hard to believe I was there, but I eventually got used to it and now it's all about getting into the 300k net worth. Its never enough, and truly, a 206k net worth is not that much, so I have no choice other than kicking Marc Cohodes ass and keep up going. It's a matter of proud, of not letting an American to have the last word on me. It's also a matter of respect to all of the good companies that the TSX is holding. It's a matter of having confidence in the Canadian economy. It's a matter of intelligence.

Last week was really horrible here in Montreal. I got caught in heavy heat and I didn't have a nice time at all. And it's partly why I didn't post about the following: I had sold out all of my shares of Novo Resources Corp. (NVO). It was getting too intense for my taste. I really dislike NVO drastic ups and downs. It was getting hard on my lady's nerves. Holding NVO in my TFSA portfolio was imply to hard. I sell out, and reinvest the money in BCE.

This last move just reminds me of who I am: I will never be a trader, I am an investor. What I am into is Canadian companies who are well-established and pay a dividend. It's really simple, but it's way too easy to get in different directions and just lose it. I am doing my best to get the best of the best Canadian business in my portfolio. I had been investing in stocks for a long time now and no matter what, I always get my hands on something new for my portfolio. I always find great new Canadian companies to invest in. Its really what I am into: to hold on to the best businesses so I can make a max of cash, with a risk, but with a risk that I have the wrong impression to control.

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FJ said...

Congrats DG for hitting all time high net worth. Your first 300K will be much sooner than you think :)


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