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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Julie Payette: the Governor General of Canada who shouldn't be

The TSX closed today session at a very great 15 776.30 points. October had begun on the right foot and it look like the TSX is on the road for even more great gains. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $183 711.62, my TFSA portfolio $60 354.16 and my RRSP portfolio (stocks only), at $36 453.95.

I no longer hold my Veresen Inc. (VSN) shares inside my non-registered portfolio. It look like Veresen Inc. (VSN)-Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) merger is finally happening! Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) is among the first company I invested in when I started my portfolio and PPL is my baby, I am extremely proud to be invested in that company. Back in the days, PPL was a Derek Foster stock. Mergers and acquisitions are usually pretty exciting stuff, but the one happening here in Quebec right now between Jean Coutu and Metro is quite boring and it doesn't worth any attention - and its also the case with who's the newest Governor General of Canada.

The old guy who used to be the Governor General of Canada was an unknown boring old man, but this newest nomination won't get unnoticed. Julie Payette, Quebecker, scientist, ex astronaut, perfectly bilingual is Canada newest Governor General. Her only role is to represent the Queen, whose is far away living in the UK in one of her castle and don't give a damn, and her  daily biggest task is to drink her tea.

I find it a real shame that a woman of the quality of Julie Payette had accepted to waste her time by endorsing a fake monarchy role. Its a thing to be queen or king - because you have no choice to endorse the role - but its another thing to accept to be part of that bullshit. With all her knowledge, Julie Payette could changed the world by being a scientist, conduct some serious research, or even by being a super great university teacher. By being Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette had proved herself as being nothing more than a stupid Quebecker, with no real sense of intelligence what so ever. She can enjoy and do her job on her throne and I hope it will smell bad in the senate!!! Quebeckers like Julie Payette are proving themselves as being poor citizens over and over again. And it seriously making me laugh. During that fun time, far away from my native land, I am getting richer and richer and no, it doesn't smell bad around here!

I know this might be super hard right now for the very love Brian Gallant, but I was released today that the Energy East pipeline project won't ever happen. Its quite a very strange thing when you actually think it right: petrol is dirty made in Alberta, the plan was to build a pipeline that goes from Alberta to all the way down to Saint John New Brunswick.... But why? I know we desperately need jobs in New Brunswick, but it had to be done the right way because we are just too smart. The danger with that pipeline was that it could had pollute our water and our land. Our environment worth more than just a couple hundred jobs.


Anonymous said...

The energy east pipeline would mean oil coming from ALberta to New Brunswick and therefore Canada would use more of its own resources. Right now, Eastern Canada imports 12 billion dollars (or barrels) of oil from Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and likely Nigeria. Which one would you rather have? Shipping oil from Alberta all the way to New Brunswick does seem to have problems in the fact that is such a large distance which increases the likelihood of a castrophe happening some where along the pipeline.

Canada missed out on the Mackenzie Delta pipeline because it was taking to long with all the hurdles to deal with.

Anonymous said...

I think you're being a bit unfair to the Queen. She's a pretty good monarch, as they go -- never says anything wrong, does what she's supposed to do, doesn't stick her nose in where it doesn't belong. She has to walk a tight-rope between remaining relevant, but staying above the vulgarity of popular culture. I think she does it very well, unlike her useless offspring. Gawd Bless Her.

Love your blog !


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