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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

To be or not to be an ambitious dividend investor

Oh lala readers, check out on this! Looking quite great!

This is making me laugh, but in a good way of course, for many reasons. One reason because I don't analyze stock, and for that good reason, Susan Brunner should have come on the first spot. It's a thing to write pretty things about stock like a Barbie girl, and pick stocks mostly base on feeling and emotions like I do, but it's a completely other thing to be able to understand what it is all about. And there's just one Canadian blogger who does so. And it's not me, it's my Susan Brunner. Maybe one day I will get into it seriously, maybe not.
I often write on how good I am and when it come to me and to defend the stocks that I invest in, I am of an extreme freshness and enigmatic arrogance. You won't find better for those qualities just nowhere around the world. If I write so many good words about my own myself, it's because when you are an investor and you are alone and that you have 99.9% of your own money on the stock market, and you do it by yourself and you want to get a bit more than the 2% GIC that the bank proposed, you just have no choice, you need to believe in yourself first because if not, you won't last very long, especially when the stock market play its regular garbage that can drive you all the way down, and when it does, it's like getting a hard punch in your stomach. And if I always write on much much I am good, and that I am the world best investor and blablabli and blablabla, it's for a single good reason: it makes great post to read, and the fact is, you become what you think you are. All I wanted to start on was a $50 000 and now I am exceeding the 200k net worth and I just keep wanted more and there'll be just no end to it, unless I die. Los Angeles tragic events are just an example that it can really happen anytime, anywhere, even if I truly believe that it could take a lot to kill me. I saw the guns that the poor men killed people with, and it's really horrible. With guns like that, you can kill too many people. Many had been killed, but many others could have died.

In moments like those, you can only invest for yourself, but also in behalf of those who can't-do so, for so many reasons, and for those who had passed away.
I usually don't check on a stock that is no longer from my portfolio, for several reasons. One reason being, with a portfolio like this one, as you can imagine, I have already a lot to follow. Like a lot. It's not always  When I sell a stock, it's because: I am losing money on it and I am desperately trying to save the money left of the investment; the capital gain return is poor and the dividend income is poor. It's for that last reason that I sold out Open Text Corporation (OTEX) a while ago. Old stocks like OTEX are part of my past, not my future.

All this to say that today, I check on Novo Resources Corp. (NVO) and I quite shocked to see that it gain a lot today. But it's part of what this stock is about, it makes great gains, and the day after, it loses money like crazy. And that's something that is really hard for me to live with. I don't like to hold on to stocks that go up and down drastically.

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