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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Its September 11th

It look like we are getting closer to a NAFTA deal after all. At this critical point, Brian Mulroney should stay out of the public scene. Its not the role of Brian Mulroney to share his ideas for the NAFTA, he's totally out of his place and only a real Quebecker moron can possibly act that way. Brian Mulroney is the picture perfect of the real Quebecker who's stupid and think of himself as being so important... But worst for all, seem like Brian Mulroney never had any botox injection because he's looking really old and tired. Brian Mulroney actually look like an old man who's suffering from dementia. Shut up Brian Mulroney.

On a more positive note, I had been asked again if I was a student at the grocery store. But this time is special because its the first time I had been asked since my 38th birthday. Angelic still, but it doesn't really matter anymore because I have a purpose, I had found the stock that's going to be my next investment (read my last post for more info).

And just in case you'll like to know, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $181 990.99, my TFSA at $80 580.26 and RRSP at $40 324.68. See, nothing can bring me down. Before you know it, my non-registered portfolio will be at 190k, my TFSA at 90k and my RRSP at 50k. So let's go my belove TSX, mommy knows you can do it and I love you really really much, so be kind to me.

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Anonymous said...

Brian Mulroney is the creator of the NAFTA agreement 25 ago and knows it more than anyone else, that's why he's a paid consultant for the government on it. Also, it'll be interesting to see how you look at 79 years old and whether you'll have used botox by then. it's amazing how you shit on someone just based on whether they're "quebeckers". What have you accomplished in your career?


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