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Thursday, September 13, 2018

WARNING: My Aphria Inc. (APH) is a very dangerous pot stock

A few days ago, I saw on the Boulevard Saint-Laurent a Telsa car, and I find the car really stylish and the design was incredible, a real piece of art. The design is not ultra flashy like a Lamborghini car let say, but Telsa cars really have a soul of its own and its really interesting. I could have stayed on the sidewalk and kept staring at the car. It's just too bad that Elon Musk is behaving like a bad boy and making the stock value of his own company drop and going lower and lower because those Telsa cars are fascinating. The car was somewhere between blue and dark purple, a piece of art on wheels I am telling you.

The TSX is still on the 16 000 points, at least for now. I was scared to take a look at my numbers, but it's not too bad. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $181 034.53, my non-registered portfolio at $80 383.59, and RRSP at $40 273.72. Not too long ago, I wrote a post concerning pot stocks, which are really popular right now on the TSX. If you want to really understand what I was trying to explain and check out of a real example of the volatility of pot stock, today was the day:

My Aphria Inc. (APH) lost 16.91% today, -$3.52
Canopy Growth Corporation (WEED) lost 13.62%, -$9.03
Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) lost 8.89%, -$0.81
HEXO Corp. (HEXO) lost 9.21%, -$0.76

Imagine if you had invested massively in pot stocks, you would be in deep trouble and facing thousands of dollars in losses. Currently, this is the situation with pot stock in Canada. And this is the perfect illustration that pot stocks are extremely volatile and it's really dangerous. Don't ever invest too much in pot stock. Currently, I hold on to Aphria Inc. (APH). Everything was going well, this sudden drop is hurting me of course, but not that much, my non-registered portfolio exceeds the 180k today. Below 180k, I am sad. Higher, I am

I had been listening to the French debate regarding the Quebec elections, and I have to say, Manon Massé had offered the best performance. Philippe Couillard had offered the worst performance and his hitting straight out - but that's my impression only. Manon Massé may have offered the best performance, I am honest enough to recognize that, but however, I won't vote for her. I am more of an extreme right when it comes to politic and I am probably going to vote for François Legault, CAQ. But Legault wasn't super great this evening. And Philippe Couillard was even worst.

Quebec province has a lot of richness, but it seems like bad management is in the genetic code of Quebeckers and I couldn't care less, but I will vote for François Legault. Couillard is of an extreme arrogance and seriously needs to be kicked out of there, so everyone need to go to vote, even New Brunswickers living in Quebec.

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