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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Two of my top performers of the moment: Aphria Inc. (APH) and Savaria Corporation (SIS)

Yesterday was real too hot in Montreal and it destroyed all my efforts to live on as little as possible. I felt the urge for beers and some ice cream of course. I am such a bad bad girl, but the beer was good and the ice cream was quite yummy just in case you are wondering. I didn't sleep well at all. And in result, instead of buying one coffee only - like I suppose too, I bought 2. Hot heat is such a budget killer, it's not even funny. But the really hot days are now behind us and I couldn't be more happier. I hated this summer.  

We don't have any NAFTA deal yet, but my RRSP portfolio (stocks only) is now at its highest value ever: $40 698.47. My TFSA portfolio is exceeding the 80k, I am now at $80 110.777. Since the TSX close under the 16 500 points, its just really normal that my non-registered portfolio closed behind, at $180 942.40, since most my money is being invested in my non-registered portfolio.

For now two days in a row, Savaria Corporation (SIS) had closed the session on its highest value ever, and in result, SIS had generated a lot of $$$ for my portfolio. I was bright enough to add SIS in my 3 stocks portfolio: non-registered, TFSA AND RRSP portfolios... WOW WOW WOW. 

I had wait for this moment for a really long time, but my APH stocks are finally seriously gaining some values. It look like the single pot stock that I own, Aphria Inc. (APH) might be after all the best of the pot stocks. Just like Savaria Corporation (SIS), APH is now exceeding the $20 value per stock.

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