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Monday, September 24, 2018

Royal Nickel Corporation (RNX) on extraordinary gain

It's still a tight fight in New Brunswick between Liberal and Tories. I guess we'll know who's our Prime Minister only later on tonight. It's been quite a stressful day. I might not be able to go to work tomorrow if the Tories win. I am going to call in sick, cry until I have no tears left, get drunk, and... quietly watched Royal Nickel Corporation (RNX) hit hard on the $2 per share. RNX gains had been amazing today. I never saw a growth of 105.36% in one day for a stock. Inside my non-registered portfolio, RNX is at +161.79%. I am exceeding the $1 500 profit. In result, my non-registered is at $185 805.08. Wow wow wow.

My move on RNX a week ago wasn't a plan one, I was even feeling ashame to announced that I had invested in that penny stock... But I felt excited and I felt I was going somewhere... All this to say that you really know what to expect when you invest in a stock. It's like jumping into the void. However, usually speaking, when it comes to dividend stock that been around for a long time, we usually know what to expect.

I recently discovered that Derek Foster hold on to some Savaria Corporation (SIS) stocks, just like me. Recently SIS had increased its dividend by 17%. My dividend income is now at $8 737.16 (excluding RRSP).

There's a lot of good stuff going on on the TSX, but the non-NAFTA crisis situation remains and in result, everything seems to be fragile and its difficult.

Is there room for more gain for RNX? 

My answer: yes, but I don't plan to hold on for a really long time. I may decide to sell at anything.

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