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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Goodfood Market Corp. (FOOD)

I was talking to my mom this evening when I dropped my cell phone and it seem like I broke it, I wasn't able to call her back. I am wishing she's not worrying too much, but I had warned her before . I could had runned to a payphone, but I didn't bother. This is actually not a bad thing as I wanted to buy a more modern cell phone for a little while now. I just had a little Nokia phone, which had a bad camera and no wireless or Internet access what so ever. I am just hoping that its not too difficult to call on a press screen kind of phone. From now on I will call her on speaker phone, that way I won't drop my cell while doing some stuff around in my apartment.

It look like a NAFTA deal had been signed and its quite a release. All this drama surrounding the NAFTA had put a lot of stress on the TSX and with this new deal, I hope that the TSX will gain some interesting points. 

The sell of my RNX shares gave me a nice profit, but all that money had almost been spend as I bought a pair of ecco boots, some clothes and I am also soon going for a few days in New Brunswick so I will have to buy my bus tickets, and not to forget, a new cell phone... 

My experience with RNX gave me the taste for a little bit of trading, which I like to call hit and run kind of sexy move. I bough some shares of Goodfood Market Corp. (FOOD) in the hope to sell soon, probably not for a big profit like RNX, but still, I thing there's place for a nice profit on this one, and maybe it will happen tomorrow, is the TSX gains, let say, 100, or why not 200 points.

I am all in for a 200 points gain tomorrow. Go go go TSX, you can do it. Just do it!

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