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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Royal Nickel Corporation (RNX)!

Today wasn't the last day of the TSX and I am still alive and doing mostly well. I would like to be the very perfect and not to distracted at all by penny stock and Eric Sprott and others... But it's not the case. I had been a really bad girl today. However, I am mostly a very serious, always very honest under the skin of my blog anonymous nickname, mostly smart investor. I like blogging just to share my experience with investing. I am wasn't expecting what I did, but I did. It's already late so I am going to do straight to it: today, I had invested in Royal Nickel Corporation (RNX). I hope to do a quick hit and run on this one. If it doesn't work out, I will be stock with RNX in my portfolio. 

I had been a really bad girl today, by investing in RNX, and not Domtar Corporation (UFS) like it been planned. However, no worries, by investment in RNX is a small one. I just wanted to feel alive again. I just hope I won't get my two hands stuck in shit instead. Bad bad girl.

Currently, I don't even have a hard crush on UFS, I mostly have hot flashes for Cargojet Inc. (CJT) like I really need this one in my portfolio. I felt exactly the same way when I discovered Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) on Stockopedia - and the rest is history, I made several hundred, if not thousands on PLC. PLC is my special WOW WOW WOW stock - and I have other too. But currently, CJT is the love of the moment and I have a crush.

Wish me good luck with RNX, this woman needs money.

And Cargojet Inc. (CJT), I promise a special place inside my non-registered portfolio soon. I promise.

A good news being that if I withdraw my RNX investment, my non-registered portfolio is at $183 700. Not too bad for a day that should be the last of the TSX. 

Go go go ;-)

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