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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Methanex Corporation (MX) is making me proud. King of the TSX is MX

MX is about to pop up its highest value ever. I am just saying.

On this nice autumn evening, I receive a visit from a representative of Quebec Solidaire. Not to lose any of my precious time, I explain that I am a New Brunswicker, and that I won't vote for Quebec Solidaire party because they want Quebec province to become a country of its own. As you wish fuckers, but don't count on my vote. I didn't say that to the representative, which was a really young girl and is probably doing door-to-door shit work simply to impress Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, co-leader of Quebec Solidaire party. I didn't even spit on her. I am pretty impressed by my civilize behavior while facing a traitor to Canada. It seems like political parties have access to the election list with our name and address!!%!! WTF. I will kill myself before betraying my country. I would spit in from of any men or women in an age of taking it, but certainly not a poor little girl with obviously no brain on her shoulders. I am actually the perfect example of what Canada can do for their citizens. Its possible to get your pretty hands on thousands of dollars without too much efforts right here in Canada, while investing a bunch on the TSX.

Currently, Quebec provincial elections are really difficult because all leaders suck. But this is Quebec province, so this comes with no real surprise. It seems like François Legault of the CAQ doesn't know that New Brunswick is the only province in Canad who's officially bilingual. What a piece of shit! But I am going to vote for him anyway, loser! Because I am proudly Canadian, I cannot in any way vote for Quebec Solidaire, or the Parti québéois because, like Quebec Solidaire, they want Quebec to become a country. I certainly cannot vote for the Liberal party because Philippe Couillard is a piece of shit of its own. He had 4 years to fix Quebec province and as far as I am concern, absolutely nothing has improved in Quebec. I am an Acadian pure blood descendant and I don't have a family doctor and I had been living in Quebec province for over 10 years. Is that suppose to be a normal situation? Abnormal situations are being considered quite normal in Quebec province. You need to be the hell of an idiot to trully believe that Quebec needs to become a country of its own in ordre to offer proper care and services to its population. I had a family doctor in New Brunswick, but here in Montreal, I never got one. I wouldn't have any confidence in a Quebecker doctor anyway. So it doesn't matter. I hold on to my stocks like a sexy wild dog and nothing else matter. Those Quebec elections  and those Quebeckers are certainly annoying.

Today wasn't a good day for pot stocks - it show how extremely volatile they are - and Royal Nickel Corporation (RNX), but I still have confidence that RNX will pay off. The 9 000 ounces of gold that been discovered worth over $10 million in US dollars. And there might be more to come so why not? Wanna play? Let's go. It was disappointing to see RNX going down today, but I had a feeling of an in deep excitement all day long like if I possibly could make money out of RNX.

Currently, I am mostly interest in investing in Domtar Corporation (UFS). Great Canadian stocks created good deal of $$$ for Canadians. But that, dumb voters for Quebec Solidaire cannot understand that. Got to live it to kill it.

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