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Monday, September 17, 2018

Will tomorrow be the last day of the TSX?

Donald Trump is hitting again and its create disturbance because I didn't move forward with my investment today. Donald Trump is driving me crazy. Watch out tomorrow, the TSX may drop in points because of new taxes in the US over China products. I am staying on hold for now. No new investment and I am hating "Donald" for it.

No other news for today, but my non-registered pop up to the 182k. Like everything is really possible. I am going to bed now even if I am feeling anxious. Curious may be actually be a better word maybe. Stay tune and hold on tight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny, what are your plans For your ENF holdings? Enbridge exchanging them for all ENB....
Thanks, Carol

Sunny said...

Hi Carol,

Its quite a natural move I guess. I never really understood why there was an ENF, and an ENB, since its the same company. I have several thousand involve. I hate seeing changes going on for my most stable investments, but that's how it is.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying Sunny, ENF is my largest holding in both my RRSP And TFSA for almost 10 will be like losing my pet. Oh well! Perhaps there will be more capital growth with ENB....let’s keep our fingers cross��


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