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Monday, January 4, 2021

Does Ether (ETH) really worth investors excitement?

At now $1,304.5082 CAD, the crypto-Ethereum (ETH) trades in its highest value ever. From what I can see in its chart, I am pretty sure that its highest value ever for the past 52 weeks was reached a bit earlier, which is now... yesterday (January 3). And of course, I now hope that this will be beneficial for the Ether Fund (QETH.U) later on today at the opening! Ethereum (ETH) is quite fun to watch because it's trading activities NEVER stop. I like to follow Ethereum (ETH) value on Yahoo, right here. I really like that Yahoo page because the ETH value updates by itself, no need to refresh the page, but I admit that I like to refresh the page anyway. Refreshing is something I do most of the time on the TSX page during trading days. Refresh, refresh, refresh. Go, go go!

The stock market opening (9:30 am) represents an important moment for The Ether Fund (QETH.U). Sometimes, when it comes to volatile investment like QETH.U, the opening can represent a good opportunity to sell at profit. Sometimes, opportunities show up quickly. The opening can be a key moment. If the moment is right, you want to be there, in front of your laptop and ready to trade. It is that simple.

In a close future, if my impression of The Ether Fund (QETH.U) remains a good one, I will put on some cash in my TFSA portfolio and trade QETH.U on a small amount, free of tax. I would like that.

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