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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

I am now on my highest net worth value EVER: $264,915.22

Today was a sad day for Americans. I watched in horror the images coming from the Capitol. I don't even understand how in hell the rioters had been able to actually even enter the Capitol. And that important place doesn't seem to be secure at all. Windows had been easily blocked. Walls had been easily climbed. Following what, I hope Joe Biden will make sure to review the security of the entire Capitol. Personally, I think that the woman who got killed inside the Capitol got shoot by accident. She wasn't the target. For me it was the man, probably a policeman, with a big gun who seems to be right behind her who was mean to be the main target. It was quite something to see all those brave men desperately trying to push back the rioters. The policemen were not aggressive enough in their response, which is strange to know that this happens in the US. It was almost like those policemen didn't know how to fight and appear to be weak. If anything had to happen to you, don't act like those policemen, close your hand tight and punch HARD like a beast and give it all until your less breath. I would expect my policemen to fight like a gangster before anyone could even enter a single foot inside what should consider an American symbol, an institution. When I see the footage, I see a too calm reaction coming from those poor policemen. Maybe they were just too scared to act. I understand they couldn't use their guns unless they really had too, but they should have respond more aggressively. While facing such response, which would have been my response, I am pretty sure that many rioters would have just gone away. Many of them were just regular folks, looking dumb like the infamous Marc Cohodes, with a really weak body, and a weak mind. It doesn't take much to take down such crap. Today, the world got a revelation: the United States are a has been country and it feels good to know that. Now to have the confirmation that the country from where Marc Cohodes come from is a big nothing.

This morning, I did my best but I missed the market opening, and it felt like all my day got ruined in an instant. I felt really frustrated. But today, some Americans had a much rougher day than I had. I am actually feeling sad for the woman who died today in the Capitol. It shouldn't be a place where anyone should die. She probably didn't even get what was happening to her. Anyhow, I was pissed for missing today's stock opening and that's because currently, both Bitcoins and Ethereum are experiencing a high momentum. I wanted to try The Bitcoin Fund (QBTC). First, I wanted to have a quick look and then decided quickly to invest or not... Now is the best time to trade on QBTC. Markets are in heat for no valuable reason, Bitcoins are within their highest value. Fact is, it takes chaos to have the perfect environment to perform perfect hit-an-run moves like I name them. I would like to perform one last move, and after, I will be done. Retired (from trading). DONE WITH IT. I want to be done with it, get my appetite satisfied, get the feeling of self-satisfaction and then get done. Over.

In the moment, Bitcoins are others are exciting, but it doesn't mean it's going to last. That's why you shouldn't consider as being investment the products being proposed by 3iQ Corp: Bitcoin Fund The Class A units (QBTC), The Bitcoin Fund (QBTC.U) and The Ether Fund (QETH.U). Bitcoin Fund The Class A units (QBTC), The Bitcoin Fund (QBTC.U) and The Ether Fund (QETH.U) are not reliable investments for the long run. They are only funds made for players, for day traders looking for a nice play time.

For once, I had found a great stock while listening to BNN. I was watching Andrew Bell and once of his guest - I unfortunately didn't note the name (I only wanted the stock lol), talked about Pollard Banknote Limited (PBL) and I found that stock quite interesting. Since it's in the finance sector, I would like to only place a small investment in that one.

Today, despite everything, I had reached my highest net worth value EVER: $264,915.22.

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