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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Montreal under January's snow

We received quite massive snow yesterday in Montreal. I went outside for a walk. When I came back, my coat was all wet, which makes me realize that it isn't exactly waterproof. That snow was heavy and real wet. I saw people walking around with umbrellas, which I should have done too. I didn't take any pictures because the snow kept falling yesterday, but here's my view I got from my apartment's window. The tree facing my window had been covered with heavy snow. I like that tree. It is my protector. I sometimes see little birds playing around, which I adore. It makes this apartment a bit more enjoyable.

I like to go outside when it snows like that. With no surprise, COVID cases continue to rise in Quebec province, but not only. I continue to build on my food reserve here and there, even if I find it to be an extremely annoying task. My fridge is pretty much pack. I cannot fit anything more in my freezer section. I am thinking about buying a few other things, like rice. Currently, in Quebec province, we have a curfew starting at 8 pm, but since COVID cases are still heavy in numbers, I think we may face other restrictions, which may include an earlier curfew, and maybe even the impossibility to go outside if it's not to only go to the drugstore and do grocery shopping. In Europe, some countries had established such rules, but either way, it doesn't seem like such measures successfully stop the progression of the COVID. Europeans, like Quebeckers, are not doing enough. And it seems to be the case with Ontarians too, who are just not pandemic smart. Like always in New Brunswick, my home province is the best. We are currently dealing with only a few hundred cases, at least for now.  

In the meantime, Montreal is not a bad place to be. I am going through this pandemic quite smoothly, and strangely, I own this for living in Montreal. Here, I have my favorite spots that I visit all the time. Today again, I went to one of my favorite Montreal parks. And I notice that some tree branches had failed down because of tall the snow that we had received. For some trees, it's only small damages. But for others, the damages had been bigger.

When I saw the big branches, I taught: we need my father's chainsaw here!
While building up my pantry, I quickly realize how little I had. I couldn't find my flashlight, so I buy another one, among with some batteries. I even buy some lighters. I tried to pack a bit on my necessities. I think that in Montreal, we may face some more severe measures. It could lead to some waiting lines in front of grocery stores, among others. And who says waiting lines mean more chances to get exposure to the COVID virus. While shopping for necessities, I try to pick my stores carefully. I am avoiding Dollarama stores, which don't seem to be respecting basic sanitary rules.

Recently, many problems had been reported link to Dollarama stores, even back home in New Brunswick. Cheap store with cheap ways to take care of business. I like to do my shopping at Jean Coutu, and mostly Pharmaprix (Shoppers), which gives the impression to be well maintained. The next eight months are going to be quite critical. It will be interesting to see if the vaccine has any positive effect on the radiation of the COVID. We can only pray that it will help.

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Bindu said...

Nice pictures!
I stocked on rice and flour along with dried beans. Those can be stored easily and no need to put in fridge.


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