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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Today, Ethereum CAD (ETH) reached its highest value ever: $1,818.876!

Yesterday, it's been said on BNN that in 2020, rich got richer. Rich people had highly benefit from 2020, despite the pandemic. I am certainly not in the "rich" category, but 2020 certainly was a good year for my finances. I closed the year 2020 on a $259,661.24 net worth, which at the time was my highest net worth value ever. I am now even exceeding that highest net worth value by closed to 10k. No need to be rich to fully take advantage of the stock markets. TSX is certainly the most beautiful place to be on earth, especially in time of a pandemic. At least, I will remind of all this that on the year I celebrated my 40th birthday, I reached my highest value ever. I am still 40, and I hope that until I turn 41, I will get a good stock market, and a new highest net worth value ever. It would be too nice to hit on the so wanted $300,000 net worth before I hit on the *old* 41. So let's go baby! For me, the real richness only begins with a $300,000 net worth so you can understand why I am so excited. However, I am always in somewhat a state of excitement when it comes to my baby stocks and the TSX, I cannot help it. Especially these days, the stock market is a fun place to be.

Today, at BNN Bloomberg's The Open, Amber Kanwar shared a little interesting story. First, according to Amber Kanwar, Birkenstock and Crocs are ugly shoes. I couldn't agree more. It seems like the sector of ugly shoes is booming. The fact that more people work from home is probably helping the cause. Amber Kanwar shared an interesting story about herself this morning. When she was 25, and had her first adult job, Amber travel to Paris, where she bought an expensive pair of Louboutin shoes. I totally understand her interest for Louboutin. Their shoes are little piece of arts. Louboutin's signature red soles are quite glamorous. However personally, those types of shoes had never been in my taste, so there's no danger that I will ever spend thousands on a pair of shoes, even if I hit my so wanted $300,000. Like Amber, I prefer comfortable shoes, but not too ugly ones. Amber continued her anecdote saying that now with 2 young kids, her Louboutin are pretty much in their boxes most of the time...

Yesterday evening, the TSX was closed, obviously, but Ethereum (ETH) is trading at $1,689.50 (9:46 pm Eastern Time). Yesterday, ETH was giving the impression it was on the road to reach out its highest value ever. At now 8:43 am, on January 19, ETH trades at $1,781.92. And I even have better news, today, Ethereum (ETH) reached its highest value ever: $1,818.876. I unfortunately miss the happy event, I wasn't in front of my computer when it happens.

Currently, I don't hold directly any Ethereum (ETH) crypto, but I indirectly own some ETH via the Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U). I wanted to keep it quiet, but a long-time reader had the impression that something was going on behind me and Ethereum (ETH). And he was right! His blogging name is Liquid Independence. You can read him here. Today, Liquid launched his first YouTube video. You can watch right here.

I wanted to keep this move in The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U) a quiet one, foe many reasons. One, I have the right to keep some financial stuff to myself - I certainly do not have the obligation to write about ABSOLUTELY everything that concerns my finance or portfolio. However, I must admit that it feels somewhat weird not doing so. After all, I had been blogging about EVERYTHING that concerns my portfolio, my personal finance for almost half of my life now... (This blog of mine is celebrating this year it's 15th birthday!) Also, I don't want to actively promote The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U). This is a play trade, and not a serious investment for the long term. Nothing regulated the crypto-world, it's a dangerous world, and no one can know for sure what is next for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, I wouldn't like my readers to become market slave. It's more fun to be an investor because while holding to quality assets, you always have your peace of mind. You just need to check on everything, but for me, that required less energy than the actual trading real deal.

While trading, like doing the kind of move on The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U) is not exactly easy because this fund is super volatile. Yes, it is easy to buy or sell shares in your broker account, but while trading just for trading, you need to add the volatility factor - and a bunch of factors as well. Sometimes, everything won't go as smoothly as plan and the story I am going to write next is a perfect illustration of "problems" that may show up among the way, and problems that you never expected that could even happen!!!!

So it all began this way. On January 8, at the opening, I decided to buy some units of The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U). The idea was to buy and sell quickly. :-) I waited to 2 long minutes, my order wasn't getting processed! So I cancel it. However, the cancel order didn't work, the order went through anyway!!! So I decided to be a good player and keep it in. This means that, yeah, I had been secretly holding on to The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U) since January 8 inside my non-registered portfolio. Currently, The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U) has a margin value at TD Waterhouse. Since January 8, the road haven't been easy with QETH.U. At one point, I was experiencing a capital loss of over $1,000 in it! It didn't feel good, but I knew I was going to recover. And so it did. Today at the opening, The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U) registered some heavy gains. I continue to hold for now. Currently, I am at -1.51% on QETH.U. In the crypto world, everything evolved quite quickly. We are experiencing some heavy gains, and sometimes heavy losses, but that's an environment that is extremely beneficial for traders. I feel comfortable holding The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U) for now.

All I can say is to never desperate over anything. Always play an amount that you feel OK losing, just if a bad luck had to happen. In other words, when you trade, it's at your own risk. You remain the only person responsible for your actions. That's why I like it. See, I am my own boss on the TSX. My stocks, my decisions.

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