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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Amber Kanwar is making her comeback to BNN Bloomberg! From now on, everything is going to be ok :-)

Today marks the return of Amber Kanwar to BNN Bloomberg following her maternity leave. Amber is lived from Monday to Friday to cover the market's opening, among with Jon Erlichman. Amber space is looking nice and luminous. I personally hear a bit of echo maybe, but nothing too strong. She seems to be shooting in a little office located on a second floor. She seems to be located in a suburban area, with other nice houses surrounding hers. As for Jon Erlichman, it's impossible to figure out where he might be located, in a house or a condo, in the city or the suburban area, but at least now, his dry flowers bucket is better exposed and it makes it easier to see what the bucket is holding... I had been obsessed with that bucket for months now, which is hilarious - at least for me. In this time of pandemic, you need to take your fun whenever, whatever.

I was listening to Amber this morning and it just took me by surprise, the name of my superb NFI is not, like expressed yesterday, New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI), but NFI Group Inc.! Today, NFI Group Inc. (NFI) just rock on the TSX again, this time with a +4.658% really interesting gain. In my non-registered portfolio, I am currently experiencing a fantastic gain of +139.89%. It pays off to hold quality holdings. It makes everything a lot easier.

Amber Kanwar and Jon Erlichman are a good television duo. I really like The Open. For me, the market opening is certainly the most important part of the day, so I usually listen to BNN's The Open with attention during the morning.

I now have over $500 in cash inside my TFSA portfolio. I am not in a hurry to invest in something new. While checking over my beautiful TFSA portfolio, I am just noticing now that Cargojet Inc. (CJT) is on trading halted. It's probably because of this.

Yesterday, Susan Brunner posted a review of a stock that I hold in my TFSA portfolio: Calian Group Ltd. (CGY). I barely ever write about Calian Group Ltd. (CGY), but it's not because it's a bad investment. Everything seems to go smoothly for my CGY stocks. At 1.71%, its dividend distribution is reliable. CGY closed today session on a good +1.13%. Calian Group Ltd. (CGY) had been in my TFSA since April 2018. On that stock alone, I am on an enormous capital gain of +113.78%. If I don't write much about CGY, it's simply because it is perfection. Back on January 1st, Susan had reviewed another stock baby of mine: Metro Inc. (MRU). In both cases, Susan Brunner's review of Calian Group Ltd. (CGY) and Metro Inc. (MRU) seems to me to be positive ones.

Today on the TSX, something just unbelievable happens: Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) gain +5.38%. Inside my TFSA portfolio, Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) is finally registering a gain. Today, NTR closed today's session with a gain of +10.13% for my TFSA portfolio, which is awesome and unbelievable! I had a real difficult time getting in the green zone with NTR. Everything was much easier when NTR was Agrium. I miss Agrium!

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