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Thursday, January 7, 2021

The TSX hit on the 18,000 points - and again, I reach my highest net worth value EVER: $268,180.14!!!

Party, party, party!!!!!!

Oh no wait... can't party anymore... no matter what :(

Today, I didn't miss the opening, I was right on! I experience the The Bitcoin Fund (QBTC). I confirm, QBTC trades in Canadian dollars, over the TSX. For me, I knew it was going to be a good day on the market, no matter what happens at the Capitol, which is strange, in a certain way. I place my purchase order as soon at 9:30 am quick in. Despite the fact that The Bitcoin Fund (QBTC) trades in CAN, it took a moment for the buy order to go through. This is a really annoying problem that I also experimented while trading The Ether Fund (QETH.U). Regarding The Bitcoin Fund (QBTC), only the buy order was a bit slow. As for my sell order of The Bitcoin Fund (QBTC), it went quickly as usual, the sell order wasn't slow to go through. Today, both TSX and Bitcoins - and not to exclude myself - had reached their highest value ever. 

Earlier today, the following regarding The Bitcoin Fund (QBTC) was quite interesting:

At that time, 10:11 am, today highest value, $65 was exceeding the 52-week high of $60.99. I let QBTC be in my non-registered portfolio for a little while. I was refreshing from time to time. When I noticed the price began to go down, I quickly sell. The last thing I wanted was to get stuck with The Bitcoin Fund (QBTC) in my portfolio. I made a little profit of $76.02 after commission fees, not too bad for just a few hours of refreshing my page. It didn't take too long and it was fun! :-)

Earlier today, while watching BNN with Andrew Bell, something happen. The TSX hit on the 18,000 points! Andrew Bell was wearing a purple tie, which seem to be a popular color within BNN anchors. On days like this one, you need to celebrate because you never know what tomorrow will be like on the market. While the TSX hit on 18,000 points, in a all natural move, it was obvious that I needed to update my investment portfolio, and so I did. My net worth is now at its highest value ever: $268,180.14.

While watching BNN Bloomberg today, I notice a commercial coming from 3iQ Corp. In their commercial, 3iQ Corp compare the price of gold to the price of Bitcoins. Both charts are being exposed in a way that the Bitcoins chart appear to be lower than the one of gold... 3iQ are trading products, none of them should be consider as serious investment for the long run.

Overall, today was a good day.

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Some good days lately⚡️⚡️⚡️


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