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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Jim Carrey to Melania Trump on Twitter: Thanks for Nothing

You have to check this out. Jim Carrey is right. What is the heritage of Melania Trump to the US? Jim Carrey has the perfect answer to that: NOTHING. Other than Jim Carrey's post, other things worth being seen: like this, this and absolutely this. I didn't know that Jim Carrey was such a talented cartoonist. This one is quite hilarious! I happen that just yesterday, I watched a Jim Carrey's movie, Bruce Almighty on Slice. I had watched a little while ago the first season of Kidding. I found Jim Carrey to be just amazing in Kidding, very different of everything you might have seen of him before. You need to watch that show if you ever got the chance. And best of all, that great actor is Canadian!

On a sadder note, I had learned this weekend that a relative of mine had died from COVID-19. I didn't know her personally and I don't think I had ever met her. It was the sister of my grandfather. She was 91 years old. It seems like she spent most of her life in Quebec Province. That's probably why I never met her. I guess she may already be living in Quebec when I was born (in New Brunswick). As time pass by, more and more people are dying anonymously from the COVID. Quebec province is the worst place to be for senior citizens, especially for those who have no other choices to rely on CHSLD or other poor quality services. On my mother's side, I am the third generation of women who came here to Montreal for their living. I won't lie, I like Montreal, the city has its charm, I feel safe here. But before being anything for me, Montreal is my cash cow, just like it had been for my mother and grandmother. Be smart, get your hands on the money girl and get the hell out! That's how we play in the family. :-)

And talking about cash cow, tomorrow market opening is going to be a really important one for me. I am going to explain in the next post. Stay tune.

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