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Monday, January 25, 2021

Historic day for TFI International Inc. (TFII), and we are celebrating it with a +32.248%!

This is just: WOW! This actually came as a surprised this morning. I was watching BNN's The Open when Amber Kanwar talked about TFI International Inc. (TFII). I listened carefully because TFII is from my TFSA portfolio. Resulting from the news of an acquisition, TFII closed today's session on a +32.248% gain. Inside my TFSA portfolio, my investment in TFI International Inc. (TFII) is now at +122.49%. My TFSA portfolio closed today's session on it's what I think is its highest value ever: $106,906.33. TFII had been in my portfolio since October 2018.

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $122,533.26 and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $54,518.40. Also today, my precious NFI Group Inc. (NFI) registered a +4.92% for no obvious reason. Let's go NFI!

On this good day, my investment in The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.UN) closed at -0.47%. I only need another good day and following what, I will be able to sell QETH.UN for an interesting profit. At a point today, I could have sell QETH.UN for profit. After commission fees and margin fees, I would have made a $70 profit, but I decided that it wasn't enough. I don't mind holding for now. Currently, ETH is at $1,682.94 CAN.

The following are a few screenshots to provide an overview of how the day went for ETH and The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.UN). Today at the opening, Ethereum (ETH) was in the $1,799.57 CAN, which was quite good. This has a positive effect on the Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.UN), which open on a strong +10.58%.

While betting on The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.UN), the opening is the most important part of the day. I would say between the opening and noon, it's the timeframe where you are most likely to be able to sell your units at profit. If you don't get a strong opening for QETH.UN, chances that you'll have to sell at profit are low. Generally speaking, you can consider that if QETH.UN doesn't begin the day on high gains like this morning for example, that +10.58% was quite amazing, you can consider that it probably won't be the day where you'll be able to sell The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.UN) at profit.

Also, it seems to me that Ethereum (ETH) gains in value during the weekend, like if people were buying ETH because the stock markets are closed or something like it. Also, a period of great gains for ETH is usually followed by some almost automatic losses. Ethereum (ETH) is quite volatile. I can easily image thousands and thousands of investors, big or small, who are betting on Ethereum (ETH), and selling some crypto when ETH reached some peeks in value. IT'S the reason why I keep saying that you should only invest an amount that you feel comfortable losing while trading The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.UN) or other 3iQ's funds.

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