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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Telus Corp (T) split is completed!

After work, I took a long walk downtown Montreal. The weather was great and I wasn’t in a hurry to return home following the “another” correction we had today on the stock market. It’s playing quite rough out there!

Today, Telus Corp (T) completed its split! For now, Telus is trading about the same trading value as before the split. If the stocks were 2 to 1 – it will make a bit more than $70 per stock. This is quite good knowing that again today, the TSX lost more than a 100 points.

Before the crash, I had a few investments that were doing so-so, like SII, JE, DGI. Some other stuff that were doing great are not doing so great anymore and they are about to take the same road as the so-so stocks. First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) is giving me a headache (among other...). Just 5 days ago, FR was trading at about $17 per stock, and now... it’s trading at less than $12.

Another stock I am having problem with is Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY). Usually, the value of HGY is around $10 per unit. But right now, it’s closer to $7 than the original $10.
Sprott Inc. (SII) is also taking an in deep slash down... But SII was already down in my portfolio, so this is not a surprise. But I was quite surprise by the lost experimented in FR. I used to have more FR stocks than that – I sell at profit half of the investment I hold in FR a little while ago. I am very glad I did!

The slow growth in the US and China is taking the world by surprise and in results, gold, silver and mining are taking the hit. I heard so many times about a double dip recession. Could it be it? We had the first dip in 2008 and 5 years later, we are taking the second dip? Is it what’s going on?
If it’s the case, I will do my best to manage. During the 2008 crash, I brought in some marvelous stock in my portfolio. My best souvenir will remain forever Methanex (MX) that I bought about $15 at that time. It’s now trading at more than FORTY bucks per stock. Now a bit less than $40, but I guess you get the picture anyway.

Now you understand why this sexy momma is not about to get a margin call anytime soon.

At this time, I wouldn’t consider silver and gold as investment. I already hold my part of gold and silver in my portfolio. My portfolio is already volatile enough. Right now, I have to behave just like if we were back in 2008. Meaning: it’s time to invest in quality stock at cheap price. Which stocks are the best safest thing? Nothing is safe when it comes to stock, but I personally adore something like CNR for example. And maybe even AGU.

However, for me at this time, I wouldn’t know in what to invest because I mostly hold it all in my portfolio. It’s too bad Derek Foster is not investing in Canadian stocks anymore. Maybe Susan Brunner will come with another hot stock. Her ALA had done pretty well in my portfolio. I was quite intrigue when she post a complete post about a warning, some stocks are good for her, not for other? I mean, if its good enough for Susan Brunner, its good enough for me, end of the little discussion. I may have scare her for good.

Tomorrow is another day on the stock market. Will the TSX behave like a sexy bitch again? Arggg

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Telus Corp (T) is getting ready for its 2 for 1 split. Are you ready?

Tomorrow, it will happen. For the first time in its history, Telus is going to split! I am quite exciting by this. I had experiment not split but roll over, like 8 to 1 in the case of DNI Metals (DNI) and also BNT. In both cases, following the roll over, the stock had gained in value. Will Telus split stocks will gain in fabulous value? That's what we are going to watch out for tomorrow and in the days to come.

The TSX market bitch gain a bit more than a 100 points today. Good, but we are still missing a 200 points just to stand where we were before.

My non-registered portfolio closed near by the 118k today. Not bad, but I am not in my regular 120k. I felt better today as the market were gaining points, I was getting better too... When I wake up this morning, it was just another regular day, at the exception that I transferred a 5k value from my credit line to my margin account to secure my margin... It happen it wasn't needed. I but back the money on the credit line, but tomorrow again, just to safe my back, I am going to transfer again the 5k on the margin account.

I am 32 years old, I never taught I will ever of my life write this one day, but since I didn't had a hair coloration in a few months at the salon, the roots of my natural hair color began to show up. Until here, no problem, its totally normal to have roots in between coloration. But I had a shock while looking in the mirror... I have a few white hairs! How come? My mom started having white hair in her late fifties. I am 32, not 52!!!

Anyway, I notice the white hairs because while looking carefully at my roots, I started seeing a hair more light up than other... gees.... and there it was... a white hair! I have at least 2 white hairs. If I notice 2, I might have a few more that I cannot see. You, blog readers, are the only one to know about my white hairs. My mom doesn't know and I won't tell her. It will only broke her heart probably. I don't know for her, but my white hairs had broken my heart.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Crash poor little stock market, crash

I wasn't that much busy at work today, but I arrived very early because I was expecting to deal with a difficult task, but the difficult task wasn't so difficult after all. I had read up the news during my break. I was quite shock to see what I see: the TSX lost 300 points. OH NO! I always have a bit of sadness while going through a crash like that. Everything I worked so hard far is about to fall apart. This is not my first crash, its probably won't be the last one. But each time, getting a taste of the disaster is always hard and taste sour.

This past Friday, my portfolio closed at $119 426, with a margin left worth $11 817.02.
And today, I am at $116 975.84. For the margin, I am probably at something like 8k... Sound scary? It is. But I have cash on credit lines and tomorrow morning before going to work, I will transfer funds from my credit lines to my margin account, just to make sure I am safe. This is the kind of trouble you deal with while being on a margin account.

I had the margin since a little while now, I guess 2-3 years. I never had any trouble, but if the market crash, the value of the stocks crash and in result, there will be only a very small amount of cash left on the margin account. This week is payday, but after rent and student loans, I will have less than $500 left... I don't have many options. At TD itself, I have 15k of unused money on credit lines. At RBC, I have another 10k. I have a 7k credit card or so at RBC. And I have a few thousands of credit card at CIBC. I will use my credit line before my credit card and before even using my credit cards, I will transfer my TFSA over my non registered portfolio to help boost up my margin value. I had set up a similar plan in the past while dealing with crash, but I never had to used that strategy.

The problem with a crash like this is we never know how it can turn. Will the market crash again tomorrow? I really don't know. And no one know that for sure. The sooner will reach the bottom, the better it will be. I don't care being stuck in a slow growth economy for the next 5 to 10 years, but I REALLY don't a margin call from TD Waterhouse sexy brokers and I REALLY don't want to experiment a catastrophic situation.

It never happen so far and I don't expect something catastrophic to happen because my portfolio have a couple of strong players like AGU, BNS, BDI, CNR, CU, CGX, CDL.A, DH, EMA, ENB, EIF, FTS, KBL, XRE, MX, PPL, PBH, X, TRP, WEQ and WTE, just to name the very very good ones. Fact is, the best quality stocks won't let you down in time of crisis. The only reason why I am probably going to survive to the chaos ONE MORE TIME baby is because of those super right on top holders.

Among my recent acquisitions, I am EXCESSIVELY proud of my investment in Stella Jones Inc. (SJ) which gain 3.45% in my RRSP portfolio so far.

Telus (T) is still exceeding the $70 per stock despite the today crash - this is quite good too.

AltaGas Ltd (ALA) is still exceeding the $35 per stock. This is quite good knowing what happen on the market today.

Anyway, expect more chaos once I get my 2012 tax declaration completed. I probably will have to pay a 1k extra in taxes simply because I AM TOO RICH. Stock market, just get ready to get a punch in the face because I am getting enough of the bullshitting.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

My weekend at the Montreal Casino

This weekend, I had purchased 4 lottery tickets for the 6/49 lottery. The price was over 50 millions... And something magical happens. I haven’t won all of those millions. But I win... $2. I had the very last number printed on one of my tickets... The extraordinary reside in this: only around 19 000 had won a 2 bucks. And I was among those 19 000 people. Isn’t great? I guess millions had bought tickets, but I was one in the 19 000 who won a $2.

I know, I know...

Another weekend passed too quickly. When my mom came visit me during the Easter Holiday, we went to the Montreal Casino. I won something like $200 at that time. And ever since, I only had one idea: go back to the Casino! And I went again this weekend. I played on the same machine and I found to be successful on the game again, Fairy something on the Promenade floor. On the third floor, there’s the Diamond Stars something game that is fun to play, but the money can be quickly spent if the machine doesn’t decided to pay. With its big screen, the Volcano, also on the third floor if I am not mistaking, is another hot game. There’s even a Sex and the City game. “YOU WON THE DIAMONDS BABY’’. That’s what the machine said when you win a few cents... As you can see, I gain valuable gamer experience at the Montreal Casino this weekend.

The machines are there to make money, so my trick is: as soon as I win something, I get off. I went to the Casino this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I made a $90, didn’t lose any money and I was real happy about it. But don’t expect me to go there anytime soon: I got enough. This being said, my next Montreal-X town in New Brunswick ticket is half paid off.... Is it tempting enough to go the Casino again next week?

I spent a big part of the weekend there. I walked around between games, watching over the machines and the people. I heard a man disputing an employee over a machine, saying that the machine wasn’t paying.... Another time was an old lady who got upset at the bus driver because she had been waiting for 10 minutes for the bus... People can turn real crazy around a Casino. Some players get hypnotize by their machine. They can really get into it. Seeing so many people playing, spending their money around all weekend long was truly enough. There are many seniors around, maybe more than young people of my age. And playing long hours, trying to get a strategy over those dumb blond machines well you know, at a point, I had enough too. But it was fun.

While going to the Casino, you need to keep in mind that it’s only a game. It’s possible to make interesting little gain; I discover that in 4 times so far. The more people there is playing, the most likely you are to make a bit of money. When I see that a machine doesn’t pay, I switched. I often pick a machine where I saw someone playing on for a long time. That strategy doesn’t often pay of course. The trick is to be in control and to give yourself some limits and leave the debit card home. It’s the best advice I can provide. Ding ding ding... and free coffees and drinks will be missed, but not the seniors.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Canada top bank? TD Canada Trust, of course

For the long time readers (I only write this blog for you anyway), you know that I hold a TD Visa. For the past few years, TD Visa has offer me a very low interest rate on my credit card balance transfer. Each time, the low interest remain valid for 6 months, at the condition that payment is being made on time every month. Its the only condition. Every 6 months, once the offer is about to expire, I give TD Visa a call. I always call in to check on the expiration date of the interest rate and also, I always call to check if I still qualified to get the low interest rate for another 6 months.

Every single time, the promotion remain in my account and is available for another 6 months, but under one condition: a credit card balance transfer need to be made. If I am not mistaking, its started with a 4.9% rate. It went at 2.9% and also as low as 1.9%. Last time, I got a deal at 2.9% and 1.9%. If I do again a credit card balance transfer - and of course, I will - I will get the rate of 2.9%.

This is funny is a way because last time I proceed with a credit card balance transfer, I wrote on  this blog that I was going to save money in the next 6 months to pay off that debt. Guess what? almost 6 months have pass now, I still qualified for another 6 months at 2.9% and no, I have never save any money to pay down that credit card debt. Somewhere, I wanted the promotion to be extend. TD Canada Trust gave me exactly what I wanted. Another 6 months at 2.9%.

The promotion could end at anytime. I know that I may have to pay down that debt one day because the promotion will be over. I am very conscious about that. But on the other hand, I cannot do both. I cannot invest in the stocks I want AND pay down debt because I don't have enough cash to do both things. I had made my choice and the choice I made was to invest using debt money and I assume my choice.

In case of real financial trouble, strip clubs are everywhere in Montreal.

And this is how TD Canada Trust had made of the Dividend Girl the most happy banking customer ever.

Thank you TD Visa and thank you TD Canada Trust.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio AltaGas Ltd (ALA)!

Its now done and completed, AltaGas Ltd (ALA) is now from my portfolio, the TFSA one. This will boost up my TFSA account value and on top of that, all the dividend earn won't be tax.

For the past few days, the TSX decreased a lot, but today, my portfolio (the non registered one) pop up to the 120k value again. I am at $120 554.83, I am only at -$23.92, -0.02%. I hope it will continue this way.

I still have contribution room left in my TFSA, about a 20k or so. As long my margin value remain the same, I will be ok to invest in the TFSA portion.

With AltaGas Ltd (AGA), another great investment is in the right place where it need to be.

Monday, April 8, 2013

AltaGas Ltd (ALA) not yet in

I had call TD Waterhouse over the weekend to have some money transfer over my TFSA. But I must admit that I think about it twice. I had left than 13k available on my non-registered margin account. Will the stock market can go any lower than this? When you hold a margin, everything can quickly get complicated. I am not always that so busy at work, but today was a busy day. A day where I didn't take any break and a day where I took my launch at 15 h... It was racy all day long. I even left after hours.

The only problem I have is that I am really getting disconnected of everything related to my stocks during day time. I had bring with me my laptop to place my soo wanted new investment in my TFSA, but I never had time to place my trade at all because I had been too busy to take any break or lunch at all. And there's no way that I was going to place my trade on my computer at work (I am pretty sure I am getting monitored because I sometime see my screen flashing, like a quick flash - see what I mean? :)).

In result of a maybe a too happy life at work, I didn't place my trade in AltaGas (ALA).

My non registered portfolio closed today session at $119 248.55. Not too bad knowing I was at 118k on Friday... I don't like this yo-yo sensation. I would like to have more inside stability. Its exactly the reason why I want to get my hands on AltaGas (ALA). Just like Susan Brunner, I want to hold this new baby in my portfolio. It won't be in my non-registered, but inside my TFSA. At least, my dividend won't be tax. I won't be earning that much in dividend, but what matter more is the value of the investment. I need to stop focusing exclusively in dividend and that's what I am trying to do.

Tomorrow, AltaGas Ltd (ALA) will be in my portfolio... finally!

I am the 10th female investor of the world

Believe it or nottttttttt. I am on a US top female investor list. I am on the 10th position.Check it out here. Isn't it just adorable? And notice, I am the hottest out there and there's no picture of me. Its just soooo HOT.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Dividend Girl and Altagas Ltd (AGA)

It's been a quick short week at work. I wish I had some of those more often. And while I was at work this week, the Canadian stock market was crashing... and crashing and crashing again. In result, my non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session at $118 665, -1.59% (-$1 913.51). I have a value left over of $12 576.07 on my margin. It sad to see my portfolio value going under the 120k mark, but its part of the game.

While the US has experiment poor jobs growth, the current mini market crash is just a normal reaction to what's going on right now. It's always scary when the market plunge like this, but I am  not worrying that much. But maybe I should.

When the market crash like this, its a good bargain time to get my pretty hands on blue chips. However, in term of blue chips, I began to have it all. I could invest a bit more in CNR, AGU or FTS among other, but I am willing to add a something new to my portfolio. And thanks to Susan Brunner, my next investment will be just another of those killers like AGU, PPL, FTS and the bunch of other gorgeous diamonds that I hold. I cannot put those diamonds physically on my naked body, but I can certainly give you a taste of my portfolio. The name of my new baby is: Altagas Ltd (AGA). I don't know anything about this stock at the exception of those few things: Susan Brunner hold it, she loves it, make a great return on the investment and the chart is absolutely soooo gorgeous that I want it in, I want Altagas in my portfolio and that will happen soon.

Fully load of cash, its not anytime soon that I will stop investing. While dealing with the stock market crash of 2008, I continue to invest all the way and I got good returns on some stuff like PPL, MX, ENF, stuff I had been holding since the beginning of the beginning.

But I have to say, I am pretty attracted by CNR stock right now because it trade at less than $100 per stock right now. Unfortunately, I don't have another 1.5k to invest right now but how knows, maybe the stock crash will be much worst and maybe better deal are waiting for me at the next corner. but that, no one can know.

The volatility of the stock market is a remembrance of how on deep of shit the capitalist word is in. The direct interaction with that shit, our immediate reaction will have a huge impact on how well or how bad we are going to be set up financially speaking in the next few years.

Enough of the brightness. With this new investment my annual dividend income will be of the equivalent of $611.61. NOW, my $610 rent is Paid off.

I rely on Altagas to bring on richness and pop pop in profit. Among the bunch of stocks I hold, there's certainly a few ones that will make be richer. I like to play with the probability and new stocks is only what I want. Just bring it on.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Montreal Ritz Carlton and the Dividend Girl and her mom

My mom came for Easter and we had a fun time. It was nice to be away from work for a few days.

Yesterday, we went to the Museum des Beaux-Arts which located on Sherbrook. Once our visit done, I show my mom the Montreal Ritz Carlton from the outside... and the inside LOL. From the outside, it was saying that apartments start from 1.4 million to 15 millions... we were laughing ahah whatever... and then... we went inside the restaurant and my mom went to the girl and said "we are only looking"!!! The girl was nice and said isn't a private establishment and after she made a little visit of the restaurant and their garden for us. And my mom asked me to take a picture of her with her... And the nice girl took the pose with my mom. Tooo cute! We were quite special tourists that day.

But we weren't done... We left the restaurant and we went inside the hotel. We went in the lobby, we stepped in. Ahhh Montreal Ritz Carlton is such a pretty place. If I would had a fortune, I wouldn't hesitate, I would be buying an apartment at the Ritz and I would be shopping at Holt Renfrew and I would have a few Denis Gagnon dresses, dresses that he would have sewed directly on my naked body. And after that they say that money doesn't bring happiness.... oh lala.... I have my fantasies, I  guess you have yours...  

We visited a lot for the past couple days, went to the movie 2 times, Old Montreal, downtown, La Baie, shopping, etc. etc. There's a lot to do in Montreal. I hate those places were they don't accept credit cards as method of payments. It happen 2 times in restaurants and I had to withdraw money at their ATM machine. I never have too much cash on me.

For her last day in town, my mom wanted to go tot he Casino. We went and ding ding ding, I win a $250!!! I continue to play a little and after I withdraw the money, so I had left a bit more than $220. I decided to withdraw because that money is greatly needed. I racked up my credit card to $920 last month... And with those expenses of this weekend... outch. The $920 came easily after I spent for the birthday gift of my mom, some beauty products, clothes and so on. This is a reason why I am not on an active DRIP for my portfolio. I am spending too much, I know it, I spend the money and take it down from the dividend. Simple and easy, just the way it need to be.

My next vacations will probably be on May for Victoria Day. I would prefer the train to the bus, but I have a 40% certificate available for the bus run. So I guess it will be another too long bus run. I haven't went home since Christmas and I began to feel the New Brunswick wind calling me home.

I am getting paid this week so I will be able to pay off everything and I may have left a little extra. I was reading Susan Brunner blog and I came across AltaGas Ltd (ALA). I find that stock very interesting. It among Susan Brunner favorite stock. So Alta Gas Ltd deserve our attention. Nothing is decided yet, but I am considering ALA for my portfolio. It will certainly be added sooner or later.

Until that time, my non-registered portfolio is exceeding the 122k, which is good I guess.

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