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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Dividend Girl and Altagas Ltd (AGA)

It's been a quick short week at work. I wish I had some of those more often. And while I was at work this week, the Canadian stock market was crashing... and crashing and crashing again. In result, my non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session at $118 665, -1.59% (-$1 913.51). I have a value left over of $12 576.07 on my margin. It sad to see my portfolio value going under the 120k mark, but its part of the game.

While the US has experiment poor jobs growth, the current mini market crash is just a normal reaction to what's going on right now. It's always scary when the market plunge like this, but I am  not worrying that much. But maybe I should.

When the market crash like this, its a good bargain time to get my pretty hands on blue chips. However, in term of blue chips, I began to have it all. I could invest a bit more in CNR, AGU or FTS among other, but I am willing to add a something new to my portfolio. And thanks to Susan Brunner, my next investment will be just another of those killers like AGU, PPL, FTS and the bunch of other gorgeous diamonds that I hold. I cannot put those diamonds physically on my naked body, but I can certainly give you a taste of my portfolio. The name of my new baby is: Altagas Ltd (AGA). I don't know anything about this stock at the exception of those few things: Susan Brunner hold it, she loves it, make a great return on the investment and the chart is absolutely soooo gorgeous that I want it in, I want Altagas in my portfolio and that will happen soon.

Fully load of cash, its not anytime soon that I will stop investing. While dealing with the stock market crash of 2008, I continue to invest all the way and I got good returns on some stuff like PPL, MX, ENF, stuff I had been holding since the beginning of the beginning.

But I have to say, I am pretty attracted by CNR stock right now because it trade at less than $100 per stock right now. Unfortunately, I don't have another 1.5k to invest right now but how knows, maybe the stock crash will be much worst and maybe better deal are waiting for me at the next corner. but that, no one can know.

The volatility of the stock market is a remembrance of how on deep of shit the capitalist word is in. The direct interaction with that shit, our immediate reaction will have a huge impact on how well or how bad we are going to be set up financially speaking in the next few years.

Enough of the brightness. With this new investment my annual dividend income will be of the equivalent of $611.61. NOW, my $610 rent is Paid off.

I rely on Altagas to bring on richness and pop pop in profit. Among the bunch of stocks I hold, there's certainly a few ones that will make be richer. I like to play with the probability and new stocks is only what I want. Just bring it on.


Anonymous said...

market crash lol you are dreaming...

Anonymous said...

your portfolio is all over the place!

it seems your investment selection is primarily based on articles from so called analyst that prompts you to invest in...

you should do your own research...

Anonymous said...

is your rent really paid off from the dividends???

Anonymous said...

your rent is paid off by your own money in the end???

if the stock doesn't go up, you end up paying rent with your own money!

Anonymous said...


Amanda (Niagar Falls) said...

I believe Altagas is ALA :)

Anonymous said...

I wrote a profile on Altagas (ALA) on my blog in March.

Anonymous said...

The symbol for Altagas is ALA!

Anonymous said...

Your porfolio was worth 119k in may 2011. Your portfolio is lower today (2 years later) despite the strong increase in the stock market the last 2 years and despite all the extra of your own money you invested in the stock market the last 2 years.

At the very least if you would have broke even, you should have more money to account for all the extra investments you have made in the last 2 years. Your performance is in the negative because you lack diversification (away from canada) and because of bad stock picks. You would make more money just owning etf with a lot less trouble. This is wasted opportunities in the last 2 years.

Sunny said...

Typo mistake, its ALA.

I am leaving it the way it is funny in a way. At least, my readers are alert. Good 4 u.


Anonymous said...

This basically proves you have lost a lot of money. I am pretty sure you have invested at least 10,000 of additional funds or even more. EVEN with leverage from BORROWED MONEY The markets made at least 20% total in the last 2 years and you are sitting with a huge loss...

Haven't you learned your lesson yet?

Markets are way up, so you don't feel you have lost that much money, but poor selection like yours lead to a very poor portfolio performance compared to a simple ETF investment = worry free!

Just watch a major market crash is coming and then you will feel the pain and you will have margin calls and then you are in big trouble.

You can't simply blindly invest in any stock like what you are doing when you hear noise around or news or the next big investment like gold/silver because some hot shot told you so. Usually it's a sign to SELL and get out.

You should focus more on high well known quality companies like Derek Foster, otherwise at this rate you are doomed to major catastrophe.

You don't see it now, but I bet when you experience another bear market then it will be too late...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny

In your comments you mention china slowing down. Do you have any thoughts on where oil price heading over the next year given China gasoline demand is increasing? Are you planning to invest more in the Canadian oil patch e.g. ARX, FRU, CPG, VET, BTE, WCP? (I have positions in all five but out of WCP with a small capital gain and dividends (12%). I worry a bit about dividend sustainability though I own these companies mainly for the way management increases shareholder value. I will be trimming my exposure a little bit in some of these names and build up cash in my RRSP to deploy later if I uncover better valued US companies. Do you have any thoughts about where the Canadian dollar is heading?

Adding AltaGas is a reasonable way to avoid commodity risk with oil or nat gas companies directly. I recently took a position in Pembina far so good. The beta and its standard deviation are very low this past month during the market turmoil. So it has perserved and increased my capital. I have trimmed a bit on ENB and TRP since they have gone up 100% and 30% since i purchased. Again, just building up cash to deploy later.

Are you building up cash yourself in all your registered and non-registered accounts?

Hope to hear from you.

Sunny said...

I have no idea on what's going to be next for oil. I don't like oil investment that much. Its value is extra volatile. Its just going crazy on the market. Oil value is difficult to follow.

I also hold Pempina in my portfolio. My investment value double on that one.

These days, I prefer to hold stuff that have a good stability.

I prefer to stick on stuff that had prove itself, which mean I want to hold stuff that today value had exceed the before value of the before crash of 2008. That's my main rule I tried to follow as much as possible.

Currently, I don't have anything I want to invest in so I am just going to put cash on my margin to decrease its usage. I am exceeding the 51k usage and its begin to be dangerous.

ENB and TRP are good investment, I hold both.


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