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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Canada top bank? TD Canada Trust, of course

For the long time readers (I only write this blog for you anyway), you know that I hold a TD Visa. For the past few years, TD Visa has offer me a very low interest rate on my credit card balance transfer. Each time, the low interest remain valid for 6 months, at the condition that payment is being made on time every month. Its the only condition. Every 6 months, once the offer is about to expire, I give TD Visa a call. I always call in to check on the expiration date of the interest rate and also, I always call to check if I still qualified to get the low interest rate for another 6 months.

Every single time, the promotion remain in my account and is available for another 6 months, but under one condition: a credit card balance transfer need to be made. If I am not mistaking, its started with a 4.9% rate. It went at 2.9% and also as low as 1.9%. Last time, I got a deal at 2.9% and 1.9%. If I do again a credit card balance transfer - and of course, I will - I will get the rate of 2.9%.

This is funny is a way because last time I proceed with a credit card balance transfer, I wrote on  this blog that I was going to save money in the next 6 months to pay off that debt. Guess what? almost 6 months have pass now, I still qualified for another 6 months at 2.9% and no, I have never save any money to pay down that credit card debt. Somewhere, I wanted the promotion to be extend. TD Canada Trust gave me exactly what I wanted. Another 6 months at 2.9%.

The promotion could end at anytime. I know that I may have to pay down that debt one day because the promotion will be over. I am very conscious about that. But on the other hand, I cannot do both. I cannot invest in the stocks I want AND pay down debt because I don't have enough cash to do both things. I had made my choice and the choice I made was to invest using debt money and I assume my choice.

In case of real financial trouble, strip clubs are everywhere in Montreal.

And this is how TD Canada Trust had made of the Dividend Girl the most happy banking customer ever.

Thank you TD Visa and thank you TD Canada Trust.


Anonymous said...

SO you'll become a dividend stripper if everything doesn't go your way:)LOL. You're too funny sometimes.

1) First you screw up your portfolio by using margin and by using $$$ you can't afford to lose and then

2) You talk about strip clubs as a last resort to provide you with food/shelter. Derk Foster would not approve..

But I love reading your blog anyway..


Anonymous said...

Interesting!I'm getting balance transfer for 0% from BMO, RBC, TD, MBNA, and Scotia. If you maintain a good credit score, you can get for 0% for 12 months.

Anonymous said...

RBC added a new rule for balance transfers - 1% of the amount, no matter how long the loan is. Does TD do this as well? Read the fine print!

Anonymous said...

with all that debt to investment ratio you are truly masking your real NET worth. by paying off that debt you actually increase your net worth much faster. markets down or up, you still have to pay interest on all those loans. debt free, means the money you were supposed to pay with interest can be invested pretty much worry free and over time this will grow at a much rapid rate.

Anonymous said...

it seems that since it's not your money that you are using to invest, this leads to reckless investment and impulsive stock purchases. your portfolio is all over the place

Anonymous said...

House of cards

Sunny said...

Here's the scenario:

Pamela Anderson is in my role.

A 30 something girl lost a lot of money on the stock market. She managed to retire on her stocks but she made a few bad investment decisions and she's about to go broke....

She decided to earn money quickly as possible. She has a few thousands left. She decided to get a personal trainer.

The personal trainer is TOM CRUISE ok. Pamela is a nice babe but she needs to lose weight. She told Tom Cruise that she needs to get a model look for her career.

Tom Cruise train Pamela several times a week. After a few months, Pamela got the body she needs to make money. She goes to Las Vegas and become a stripper. She's successful and make thousands per night. Quickly, her financial situation had improved. She's having the time of her life in Vegas and find that her life is better far from the stock market.

During that time, Pamela, overstress by her portfolio, didn't even look at her stocks. Several months pass, and one night after work, she log in to her online broker account and found... she had made back her fortune...

Tom Cruise had fall in love with Pamela and since she left New York, he miss her. Pamela always paid him with a credit card.

Tom Cruise buddy is a private investigator. Tom ask his buddy to find Pamela. He find her with her address and everything. Tom left New York overnight to find his bella.

Tom arrived in Las Vegas and rent a car. He directly go to Pamela place and he spy on her.

Pamela is about to hit work. Tom follow her and discover that Pamela is a stripper... Pamela arrived on stage. Tom took a table right in front of the stage. Pamela doesn't notice him.

Tom hold a beer and look at Pamela stripping...

AND so on.

Eventually, Tom Cruise marry Pamela Anderson.

Tom rescue Pamela from a mafia gang.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the humorous story Sunny!

Anonymous said...

So your story means that it doesn't matter how risky you are, a man will save you once you get married?

Anonymous said...

you are dreaming in colors

Anonymous said...

you will go bankrupt at this rate and reckless investment style


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