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Monday, April 8, 2013

I am the 10th female investor of the world

Believe it or nottttttttt. I am on a US top female investor list. I am on the 10th position.Check it out here. Isn't it just adorable? And notice, I am the hottest out there and there's no picture of me. Its just soooo HOT.


Anonymous said...

how did u came across that?

Anonymous said...

If you're so HOT, why can't we see a picture?

Anonymous said...

Only a dumb investor would ever mention you as an investor!

Anonymous said...

you are not an investor. you are a gambler and addicted and do all the wrong decisions. you are the type of person look at me this is how to get some much debt and fail totally at investing

Anonymous said...

One would guess that spelling prowess was not a criteria in the selection process!


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