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Sunday, April 14, 2013

My weekend at the Montreal Casino

This weekend, I had purchased 4 lottery tickets for the 6/49 lottery. The price was over 50 millions... And something magical happens. I haven’t won all of those millions. But I win... $2. I had the very last number printed on one of my tickets... The extraordinary reside in this: only around 19 000 had won a 2 bucks. And I was among those 19 000 people. Isn’t great? I guess millions had bought tickets, but I was one in the 19 000 who won a $2.

I know, I know...

Another weekend passed too quickly. When my mom came visit me during the Easter Holiday, we went to the Montreal Casino. I won something like $200 at that time. And ever since, I only had one idea: go back to the Casino! And I went again this weekend. I played on the same machine and I found to be successful on the game again, Fairy something on the Promenade floor. On the third floor, there’s the Diamond Stars something game that is fun to play, but the money can be quickly spent if the machine doesn’t decided to pay. With its big screen, the Volcano, also on the third floor if I am not mistaking, is another hot game. There’s even a Sex and the City game. “YOU WON THE DIAMONDS BABY’’. That’s what the machine said when you win a few cents... As you can see, I gain valuable gamer experience at the Montreal Casino this weekend.

The machines are there to make money, so my trick is: as soon as I win something, I get off. I went to the Casino this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I made a $90, didn’t lose any money and I was real happy about it. But don’t expect me to go there anytime soon: I got enough. This being said, my next Montreal-X town in New Brunswick ticket is half paid off.... Is it tempting enough to go the Casino again next week?

I spent a big part of the weekend there. I walked around between games, watching over the machines and the people. I heard a man disputing an employee over a machine, saying that the machine wasn’t paying.... Another time was an old lady who got upset at the bus driver because she had been waiting for 10 minutes for the bus... People can turn real crazy around a Casino. Some players get hypnotize by their machine. They can really get into it. Seeing so many people playing, spending their money around all weekend long was truly enough. There are many seniors around, maybe more than young people of my age. And playing long hours, trying to get a strategy over those dumb blond machines well you know, at a point, I had enough too. But it was fun.

While going to the Casino, you need to keep in mind that it’s only a game. It’s possible to make interesting little gain; I discover that in 4 times so far. The more people there is playing, the most likely you are to make a bit of money. When I see that a machine doesn’t pay, I switched. I often pick a machine where I saw someone playing on for a long time. That strategy doesn’t often pay of course. The trick is to be in control and to give yourself some limits and leave the debit card home. It’s the best advice I can provide. Ding ding ding... and free coffees and drinks will be missed, but not the seniors.

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Anonymous said...

Won`t make up for your losses today (LOL)


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