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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Telus Corp (T) is getting ready for its 2 for 1 split. Are you ready?

Tomorrow, it will happen. For the first time in its history, Telus is going to split! I am quite exciting by this. I had experiment not split but roll over, like 8 to 1 in the case of DNI Metals (DNI) and also BNT. In both cases, following the roll over, the stock had gained in value. Will Telus split stocks will gain in fabulous value? That's what we are going to watch out for tomorrow and in the days to come.

The TSX market bitch gain a bit more than a 100 points today. Good, but we are still missing a 200 points just to stand where we were before.

My non-registered portfolio closed near by the 118k today. Not bad, but I am not in my regular 120k. I felt better today as the market were gaining points, I was getting better too... When I wake up this morning, it was just another regular day, at the exception that I transferred a 5k value from my credit line to my margin account to secure my margin... It happen it wasn't needed. I but back the money on the credit line, but tomorrow again, just to safe my back, I am going to transfer again the 5k on the margin account.

I am 32 years old, I never taught I will ever of my life write this one day, but since I didn't had a hair coloration in a few months at the salon, the roots of my natural hair color began to show up. Until here, no problem, its totally normal to have roots in between coloration. But I had a shock while looking in the mirror... I have a few white hairs! How come? My mom started having white hair in her late fifties. I am 32, not 52!!!

Anyway, I notice the white hairs because while looking carefully at my roots, I started seeing a hair more light up than other... gees.... and there it was... a white hair! I have at least 2 white hairs. If I notice 2, I might have a few more that I cannot see. You, blog readers, are the only one to know about my white hairs. My mom doesn't know and I won't tell her. It will only broke her heart probably. I don't know for her, but my white hairs had broken my heart.


Anonymous said...

market crashing again x 2

this is not really a crash, but it has been down for sometime

a crash can last very long time

telus is going down too

Anonymous said...

Sunny, what do you think about Precious metals and Mining MMP.UN ? It is free to fall. I do hope that you didn't invest this stock too much.

Anonymous said...

the stock will go down. just watch

Sunny said...

Telus value remain the same. I think this one is a stable one. Just like PPL or FTS.

Since Telus value had remain the same since the beginning of the circus crash, I think it mean that it is a good blue chips to hold. Better than BCE and Rogers.

I had a small investment in MMP.UN, less than 1k, so don't worry too much for me :)

I knew the risk. Everything related to precious metals and mining is extra risky. I learned that a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

you bought mmp.un at a too high of price.

another of those permanent losers in your under performing portofolio

Sunny said...

It was a good deal at the time I bought it, and the deal is even better now.

There's no such thing as permanent losers while talking about precious metal.

Silver and gold take a hit because of the slow economy we are in right now. Once it get better, the value of metal will go up again.

Base on your comment, I can say you really don't know much about investing in precious metals.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest to buy more mmp.un then if you are so confident it is such a good investment! it's cheap you can easily buy 2000 shares on margin. Also, you have an instant 25% dividend yield return!!! Yippeee... great idea I am going to that on Monday!


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