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Monday, April 8, 2013

AltaGas Ltd (ALA) not yet in

I had call TD Waterhouse over the weekend to have some money transfer over my TFSA. But I must admit that I think about it twice. I had left than 13k available on my non-registered margin account. Will the stock market can go any lower than this? When you hold a margin, everything can quickly get complicated. I am not always that so busy at work, but today was a busy day. A day where I didn't take any break and a day where I took my launch at 15 h... It was racy all day long. I even left after hours.

The only problem I have is that I am really getting disconnected of everything related to my stocks during day time. I had bring with me my laptop to place my soo wanted new investment in my TFSA, but I never had time to place my trade at all because I had been too busy to take any break or lunch at all. And there's no way that I was going to place my trade on my computer at work (I am pretty sure I am getting monitored because I sometime see my screen flashing, like a quick flash - see what I mean? :)).

In result of a maybe a too happy life at work, I didn't place my trade in AltaGas (ALA).

My non registered portfolio closed today session at $119 248.55. Not too bad knowing I was at 118k on Friday... I don't like this yo-yo sensation. I would like to have more inside stability. Its exactly the reason why I want to get my hands on AltaGas (ALA). Just like Susan Brunner, I want to hold this new baby in my portfolio. It won't be in my non-registered, but inside my TFSA. At least, my dividend won't be tax. I won't be earning that much in dividend, but what matter more is the value of the investment. I need to stop focusing exclusively in dividend and that's what I am trying to do.

Tomorrow, AltaGas Ltd (ALA) will be in my portfolio... finally!


Anonymous said...

wait for a pull back

you are impatient

you are buying on impulse and gets so excited about yet another new stock tip from someone...

you are way too emotional and this will kill you in the end.

Anonymous said...

why didn't you buy this stock when it was in the 28 dollar range???

the stock is very near 52-week high at this stage!!!

Anonymous said...

Last: 35.14 C

Change: 0.04 0.114 %

Volume: 257,209

Last Trade: 16:27 ET

Bid: 35.05 High: 35.17 Open: 35.15
Ask: 35.14 Low: 34.96 Previous Close: 35.10

52 Week High: 36.79 Indicated Annual Dividend: 1.44
52 Week Low: 27.46 Dividend Yield: 4.098
EPS: 1.07 Ex-Dividend Date: Mar 21
P/E Ratio: 32.84 Dividend Frequency: Monthly

Anonymous said...

information, information, information:

Altagas website:

My analysis:


Good long term stock to have.

Anonymous said...

what's the rush into getting the markets at these super high price?

Sunny said...

I did what I had to do: I rush right in AltaGas!

I didn't know the stock when it was trading at $28. If I would knew, I would have invest in ALA a lot sooner.

Anonymous said...

simply because someone has it or is recommending that stock therefore this is now on your radar and you must buy list asap! correction coming soon, buying stocks at all time high is a recipe for disaster

Anonymous said...

I would rather buy stocks which are cheap as opposed to basing me decisions on some talking head/magazine writers.It was very hard for me, but eventually I learned to turn out the talking heads on BNN/CNBC.


Sunny said...

I never got any stocks idea from BNN or TV. I wrote it down many times. AltaGas is a stock I got from Susan Brunner. She has a post about it on her blog.

Cheap stocks are not always the best idea. Quality should be your top mantra. Its how I am planning to do now.

Anonymous said...

the point is that you got a hot tip from someone nevertheless. maybe this will turn out to be a winner or maybe a total loser...

Anonymous said...

susan brunner - who is she??? so claimed financial guru. anyway everyone has their opinion, but your investments overall is total garbage. most stocks are under water. your assets total in 2011 is almost the same as in 2013. don't tell me you didn't add more money or borrowed more money??? basically you are losing while the markets in the past two years surge. Imagine markets crash again. You have absolutely no gain to absorb the cushion and your margin situation is very dangerously scary. your definition of a market crash is like 1-2% drop, that's nothing. imagine a 20% decline! you are looking at maybe easily a 40K loss and you will get margin calls from left to right guaranteed and start panicking. until then good luck.


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