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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Telus Corp (T) split is completed!

After work, I took a long walk downtown Montreal. The weather was great and I wasn’t in a hurry to return home following the “another” correction we had today on the stock market. It’s playing quite rough out there!

Today, Telus Corp (T) completed its split! For now, Telus is trading about the same trading value as before the split. If the stocks were 2 to 1 – it will make a bit more than $70 per stock. This is quite good knowing that again today, the TSX lost more than a 100 points.

Before the crash, I had a few investments that were doing so-so, like SII, JE, DGI. Some other stuff that were doing great are not doing so great anymore and they are about to take the same road as the so-so stocks. First Majestic Silver Corp (FR) is giving me a headache (among other...). Just 5 days ago, FR was trading at about $17 per stock, and now... it’s trading at less than $12.

Another stock I am having problem with is Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY). Usually, the value of HGY is around $10 per unit. But right now, it’s closer to $7 than the original $10.
Sprott Inc. (SII) is also taking an in deep slash down... But SII was already down in my portfolio, so this is not a surprise. But I was quite surprise by the lost experimented in FR. I used to have more FR stocks than that – I sell at profit half of the investment I hold in FR a little while ago. I am very glad I did!

The slow growth in the US and China is taking the world by surprise and in results, gold, silver and mining are taking the hit. I heard so many times about a double dip recession. Could it be it? We had the first dip in 2008 and 5 years later, we are taking the second dip? Is it what’s going on?
If it’s the case, I will do my best to manage. During the 2008 crash, I brought in some marvelous stock in my portfolio. My best souvenir will remain forever Methanex (MX) that I bought about $15 at that time. It’s now trading at more than FORTY bucks per stock. Now a bit less than $40, but I guess you get the picture anyway.

Now you understand why this sexy momma is not about to get a margin call anytime soon.

At this time, I wouldn’t consider silver and gold as investment. I already hold my part of gold and silver in my portfolio. My portfolio is already volatile enough. Right now, I have to behave just like if we were back in 2008. Meaning: it’s time to invest in quality stock at cheap price. Which stocks are the best safest thing? Nothing is safe when it comes to stock, but I personally adore something like CNR for example. And maybe even AGU.

However, for me at this time, I wouldn’t know in what to invest because I mostly hold it all in my portfolio. It’s too bad Derek Foster is not investing in Canadian stocks anymore. Maybe Susan Brunner will come with another hot stock. Her ALA had done pretty well in my portfolio. I was quite intrigue when she post a complete post about a warning, some stocks are good for her, not for other? I mean, if its good enough for Susan Brunner, its good enough for me, end of the little discussion. I may have scare her for good.

Tomorrow is another day on the stock market. Will the TSX behave like a sexy bitch again? Arggg


Anonymous said...

the stocks you hold are total unknowns and they went down big time because they are very small companies and highly dependent on the price of gold, silver and precious metals.

you went into this sector way too late in the ball game. at that time there were small signs already that a big crash was coming in the mining sector.

you basically bought at the high of the precious mining sector when you should have stayed away.

that's a lesson not to follow hot investments. you will lose money in the end.

Sunny said...

You amuse me.

You are a complete moron.

Are you a Quebecker by any chance?

Anonymous said...

if I were you, you should buy more mmp.un. it's a good deal and you have instantly 25% return by investing in it. nice dividend yield = instant 25% return!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe Warren Buffett said "The worse time to buy a stock is when it is going up".

You buy stocks it seems for the sake of buying the stock. If a stock is anywhere close to its 52 high don't buy it then and wait for it to drop. This will increase your margin of safety.

You did good on your original purchases of CNR and Agrium though.

Ruth said...

you two have a love -hate relationship. well , Sunny, our Telus looks pretty darn good, we just have to stick to the blue adviser on BNN said BCE is still the best stock going even at this price.

Sunny said...

Fact is, while investing in blue chips, you'll often invest at the 52 week high. Why? Because the value of real blue chips remain on the high all year long most of the time. So its difficult to get a time to invest in a blue chips when it trade at a lower value. That's why.

I did many many good investment move and not only CNR and AGU. CU, FTS, PPL, KBL, MX, BNS, SJ and so many of other.

You cannot only focus on my bad move because the good one are kinda very very good coming from a New Brunswick.

I am fabulous.

Hi Ruth,

Yeahhhhh Telus is rocking on the place! I am glad to have it in my portfolio.

The adviser on BNN seem to be a reader a Dividend Girl and seem to have it allll right!


Anonymous said...

Please do some posting, I can't sleep without reading your blog. Please Please Please

Anonymous said...

what advisor on bnn, do you have a link for the video, when was it on tv

Anonymous said...

is mmp.un good investment?


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