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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio AltaGas Ltd (ALA)!

Its now done and completed, AltaGas Ltd (ALA) is now from my portfolio, the TFSA one. This will boost up my TFSA account value and on top of that, all the dividend earn won't be tax.

For the past few days, the TSX decreased a lot, but today, my portfolio (the non registered one) pop up to the 120k value again. I am at $120 554.83, I am only at -$23.92, -0.02%. I hope it will continue this way.

I still have contribution room left in my TFSA, about a 20k or so. As long my margin value remain the same, I will be ok to invest in the TFSA portion.

With AltaGas Ltd (AGA), another great investment is in the right place where it need to be.


Anonymous said...

i am only -$23.92, -0.02% from breaking even??? LOL this is such a disaster, why aren't you up +50%??? or +100%??? markets basically doubled in the past 5 years!!!

Anonymous said...

Your portfolio is filled with some terrible picks overall. The very fact that you are barely breaking even is very concerning, especially given that the stock markets have performed great over the past several years.

If you aren't having solid returns at this point and invested for at least a couple of years then you are greatly under-performing the market.

Why would your stock purchase decisions rely so much on outside articles and media? You need to do more of your own research before deciding. It is laughable that you know so little about this stock, yet still took the plunge and bought it.

Once again, you have bought in at near the all time highs, another bad move there.

Anonymous said...

What did you buy at? (share price).

Sunny said...


Anonymous said...

Gold and silver are crashing, everyone is selling including Sprott. You should do the same and also sell Sprott which you are down 70% and wasted 5 years. You have other trouble stock that you should think about reducing your exposure (JE, PGF and DGI). Also, you get rid of one trouble stock (ATP) but you buy another trouble stock (MMP.UN). Diversify away from Canada.

Sunny said...

I have invested in the stocks I WANTED. That's really just what matter. I think I am writing enough about my stocks so readers can really have an idea of my portfolio.

Selling silver - and gold ??? - now would be a terrible mistake. Gold is a good investment and silver too, despite being more volatile.

If you cannot deal with the volatility, don't invest on stocks and don't invest in gold and silver. Its not because their value is down right now that it make gold and silver a bad investment.

DGI and JE are among the very volatile stocks I hold. I decided to hold on. Its my decision.

PGF is not doing so bad. Its been in my portfolio for a very long time. I don't have problem holding the title for now.

I get rid of ATP and its the best thing I could do in the circumstances. You know it because I wrote about it!

MMP.UN had an attractive yield and it was wanted in.

I am a Canadian investor and I invest mostly in Canadian stocks because I am a Canadian born and I want my portfolio to be build on Canadian stuff.

Its a shame to be invested in US when you are not from there. Canadians need to invest in Canadian stocks. If you are not patriotic enough to do that, you may not deserve to be a Canadian. I have debate about the idea in the past.

Anonymous said...

If our Canadian government allows us to invest outside of Canada to take advantage of bigger opportunities in larger economies, why wouldn't we do that. That has nothing to do with being patriot, it's just good investing. Even our pension plan invest outside of Canada. Your excuse for your bad investment performance are pretty lousy.

I can help our companies more by making money instead of losing money on the stock market; the more I make, the more I can spend which benefits our companies.

Japan is up 30% this year, the US 14%, while the Canadian stock market has zero return.

I invest to make money; if our companies our leaders they will not only survive but thrive (Ex. Royal Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia). Investing in companies like ATP, JE, SII, etc doesn't do anything to help these companies, it just takes your money away from you.

PGF is not that bad, it's down 75% in the last 5 years, and 42% in the last year. You need to take your colored glasses off.


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