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Friday, October 26, 2007

Does money worth the scarified?

I have been deeply thinking about my situation lately and I have to tell, I find myself quite funny with that first 50 000$ things, when you think of it. But at the same time, reaching my first 50 000$ mean so much to me!

But after I reach that first 50 000$, what happen? Will I still working all those hours in order to reach, what can I say, my first 75 000$, and then my first 100 000? Only me can answer those questions and I can already response yes. After my 50 000$, there will be that 75 000$ I will want to reach. If I think of the whole idea in a reasonable way, it’s just making no sense, knowing the number of hours per week I work. But I prefer to keep my stay of mind as wild as possible and forgive about the reasonable part.

Even if my career situation is not super great, I actually have not a steady day job, so in order to make sure I have enough for my living expenses. Because hey, I don’t won’t to take money from that 30 000$ and something I already have for my living. So for now, I usually work between 47-67 hours weekly for a salary (if I combined the 2 jobs) of 12$ per hour. I have been going on like this since last June and I am quite impressed of my result. But this means that if I want to have a good amount of savings per month, I have to keep going on like that. I have got a big crash down when I try to save money by not buying any coffee. That was a mistake from me because I was feeling more than tired, I will say exhaust. But can only coffee alone has that effect on me? I am quite shock. Since I am moving soon, I took some time off from my evening and weekend so I can prepare my moving. I will definitely shop for a coffee maker and a thermo this weekend. I cannot stand the situation any time longer. My only luxury thing is coffee and I cannot live any much longer without morning and evening coffee.


moneymate said...

After you reach your first $50,000?
go shopping, spend some of it, pay
off your student loan, any outstanding balance. Or you could
actually do some of that now.
Sorta like 1 step backwards but 2 step ahead of the game. Spend some of the hard earned money, so it'll take a few extra days, or weeks to reach $50,000. The BIG 50K can wait. :heheh:

"money is a means to an end, not an end in itself"

Sunny said...

You are very funny.

Yeah, I cannot wait for that first 50 000$ to come. I plan to pay my debt and other as soon as I stabilize my situation if I can say. I need a steady say job in other to do that that will pay at least 15$ per hour. I wish to find as soon as possible, or after December 4, my last day of work at my present day job.

moneymate said...

Bonne Chance!

I think that means good luck in french. Not sure.


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