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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Term savings redeemable: 3.5% rate for 15 months with Desjardins

I have been savings like crazy for the last couple of months and I now have more 10 000 in my bank account, in savings only. Until today, that money was resting in a regular saving account, at a very low interest rate.

I finally did a call today that will give me 105$ (before tax, unfortunately). I have call at Desjardins to invest 3 000$ at 3.5% for 15 months. If it’s happen I need the money or I find a better interest rate someplace else, which I already find with RBC since a long time now, but anyway, that 3.5% will do the thing for now, I can take out the money at anytime with a term savings redeemable. Those take out need to be at least of 1 000$ each, which is a good deal. I plan to add another 3 000$ to that first 3 000$ tomorrow. That will make 6 000$ at 3.5%, which will provide me a return of at least 210$. At least, the money will not sleep in a super low interest rate. RBC offers a 4% interest rate saving account.

I previously take of a credit card with RBC and I didn’t even activate it. I plan to do that tomorrow. Time is passing too quickly and it’s like I am running everywhere to organize the whole thing. After I activate the credit card, I only need to make a phone call, I want to make an appointment in order to open an account with I will be able to buy mutual funds by myself.


moneymate said...

I got in on the Premium Rate
Redeemable GIC at TD. (4.4%)
2 years term. Didn't last to long though. now back down to 4.23%.

Sunny said...


I noticed, from your blog, that your located in Texas, right? I am in Canada. The offer with TD could only work in the US but I will have to check.

moneymate said...

I'm located in Canada.
My blog is about Texas Holdem
poker :D

Sunny said...

That's so funny! I barely understand what your blog is about! lol I should had read more carefully. As you might notice before, I speak French. My English is pretty basic, but I like to blog in English, it's a good practice for me.

moneymate said...

I usually don't write too much in my blog as I tend to get off topic, run on sentences :lol:

so fewer words works better for me

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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